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Limpiador para Mac

Optimice el Mac y siga disfrutando de todo su potencial con nuestra magnífica gama de aplicaciones de limpieza para Mac. Nuestro software de limpieza para Mac incluye programas de evaluación del rendimiento, desfragmentación y mejora del Mac, así como un amplio abanico de aplicaciones para elegir: tenemos todo lo que necesita. Nuestros programas incluyen el potente CCleaner para Mac de Piriform, CleanMyMac de MacPaw, DBAN para Mac de Blancco y MacKeeper de Kromtech. Todas nuestras aplicaciones de limpieza para Mac son gratuitas, así que puede verlas y descargar todas las que quiera. Averigüe más hoy mismo aquí: en FileHippo.

Descargar CCleaner for Mac

CCleaner for Mac

Piriform - 3.39MB (Freeware)
While CCleaner has been the most popular PC maintenance tool for over a decade, it is relatively new to the Mac platform. Piriform’s CCleaner is a qui...
Descargar CleanMyMac X

CleanMyMac X

MacPaw Inc. - 43.80MB (Freeware)
CleanMyMac X is a powerful, feature-rich and intuitive tool for monitoring and cleaning up your Mac to optimize performance. It has a simple, intuitiv...
Descargar Cocktail


Maintain - 2.98MB (Freeware)
Many Mac owners are rather relaxed about system maintenance, believing that OS X does everything on their behalf. The truth is, every system needs som...
Descargar Disk Diag

Disk Diag

Rocky Sand Studio Ltd - 4.30MB (Gratis)
If you are looking for a program that handles most of your Mac cleaning work with just one click, Disk Diag is a good choice. This is a simple, small ...
Descargar Duplicate Detective

Duplicate Detective

FIPLAB Limited - 5.78MB (Versión comercial de prueba)
Duplicate Detective helps Mac users locate duplicate files and then delete them to free up space. Very simple to use, it takes moments to install. On ...
Descargar MacCleanse


Koingo Software, Inc. - 41.36MB (Freeware)
MacCleanse is, as the name suggests, a system cleaning application. It removes common junk files - such as histories, logs and cookies - and has a muc...
Descargar MacKeeper


Kromtech, Alliance Corp - 2.64MB (Versión comercial de prueba)
MacKeeper is a Mac security suite that can protect your Mac against attack and make its management simpler. Combining ID protection, antivirus, lo...
Descargar Memory Clean

Memory Clean

FIPLAB Limited - 7.68MB (Freeware)
Memory Clean is a great utility for Mac owners looking to free up their RAM and speed up Mac processes. Mac devices, especially those running the OS X...
Descargar OnyX


Titanium Software - 7.92MB (Freeware)
OnyX is a simple and powerful optimization tool for keeping you mac in top shape. This version requires Mac OS Mountain Lion, but other versions are a...
Descargar A Better Finder Rename for Mac

A Better Finder Rename for Mac

publicspace - 8.07MB (Versión comercial de prueba)
A Better Finder Rename for Mac is a comprehensive solution for renaming, organising and managing your files that will save you time. It supports advan...