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Descargar XSplit Broadcaster 3.4.1806.2217

XSplit Broadcaster 3.4.1806.2217

Por XSplit  (Versión comercial de prueba)
Valoración de los usuarios

This hugely popular streaming and recording software comes filled to the brim with customizations and features that makes live streaming a breeze.

Add everything to your stream, from your videos and music to your webcam and remote guests from skype. Easily interact with friends and fans using features provided by XSplit, integrated chat, Twitch follower notifications, or send Facebook and Twitter notifications when you start your stream.

Features include:
  • Supports all major capture card brands
  • Simple to use
  • Support for Facebook, YouTube, Twitch platforms, and more

XSplit Broadcaster works great with all major capture card brands including Elgato, AverMedia, Hauppauge, Magewell and more!

Overall, XSplit Broadcaster is a tried and tested winner, usable for people of every level of experience.

Título: XSplit Broadcaster 3.4.1806.2217
Nombre de fichero: XSplit_Broadcaster_3.4.1806.2217.exe
Tamaño de fichero: 124.51MB (130,560,296 bytes)
Requisitos: Windows (Todas las versiones)
Idiomas: Múltiples idiomas
Licencia: Versión comercial de prueba
Fecha añadida: 11 de julio de 2018
Autor: XSplit
MD5 Checksum: 67D53A8DF5055AE3326D076CD078C785

Features and improvements:
Update x264 codec.
Set a bigger default app window and workspace size.
Top/Source Menu Refurbishing.
Separate screen capture into distinct functions to allow for better screen capturing.
Make “Record” a separate menu.
Add Share Stream button.
Add source size controls to Source bar.
Tag the default workspace value, and add an option to restore.
Add color to Menu item which has an active function.
Add no-source overlay.
Menu Recoloring.
Assign service tags to Source Widgets.
Onboarding improvements for Social sign-in.
Update Facebook token source in Accounts tab.
Adding individual login buttons per service in login screen.
Posting to other Facebook pages in Share Dialog and layout improvements.
Facebook Output - Auth improvement based on social login.
Facebook Widgets - Auth improvement based on social login.
Rename "Accounts" tab to "Sharing".
Rename "Default Stage FPS/Resolution" options in Broadcast output settings.
Add language flags to login screen.
Add GDPR requirements to registration with XSplit login.
Enable RTMPS for Facebook Live.
Install default sources for referral accounts.
Improvements to Facebook Source Plugins.
Improvements to Facebook Post Reactions widget.
Improvements to Facebook Live Comments.
Add Video Game tag to Facebook Live pre-stream dialog.
Add Facebook Live Reactions Poll/Counter widget.
Add Facebook Live Reactions Animation widget.
Facebook Live: Remove confirmation when stopping broadcast to Continuous live video.
Detect MFP for Win10 1803 (10.0.17134).
Transparency does not work on some WebM files.
Corrupted FLV local recordings on x64 bit / Converting FLV to MP4 videos may be corrupted with artifacts.
Crash Issue with Street Fighter 30th on PC.
Win 10 window capture fails when window goes exclusive full screen.
Preview Editor prompts to save changes to an unchanged scene after swapping to it via Go Live.
Selecting a non-existent drive map freezes both Recordings dialog and the entire application.
Mixer scale is reduced every login.
Mixer scale may be incorrect after resizing main window.
Elgato Stream Deck fails when mixer is initially loaded and triggered on Split mode.
XSplit Game Source Helper may be visible on certain setups.
Workspace view is not always saved on exit / Local changes (may be) overwritten unnecessarily (For testing).
Output channel and Ad hotkey can be listed apart on the Hotkeys tab.
Downgrading uninstalls incompatible sources and does not install until restart.
Login page automatically re-centers when switching between login and registration.
Key does not change on selecting a hotkey.
ArgumentException and crash occurs when missing stinger transition is set as favorite.
Login/Splash window does not appear on screen where main window was.
Login form's controls loses focus on invalid credentials.
IOException may occur when machine ran out of disk space for logging.
Default application width grows when scaling to 100% (For testing).
ArgumentException occurs when setting Stinger transition as favorite and transition point is mismatched.
Sources & extensions in local repository gets installed on new user.
IndexOutOfRangeException occurs when None is translated and set as favorite transition.
Text Plugin source props displays "Source file is missing" after machine restart (For testing).
Viewport does not scale to absolute 100% after window resize.
Multitrack Audio option gets disabled upon relogin.
XSplit Game Source Helpers are listed as Window Capture source.
Image preview missing in Share Image Dialog.
Text: Duration timer's maximum value is less than 6 hours.
Facebook Live: Add 60 fps on the Video FPS options in channel properties window.
Smashcast: OverflowException may be encountered when configuring new output after starting broadcaster.
Facebook Live: Hide “A group” option in Post On dropdown (due to on-going work on Groups API on Facebook’s side).
Facebook Live: Hide “An event” option in Post On dropdown (due to on-going work on Events API on Facebook’s side).