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Descargar Spybot Search & Destroy 1.6

Spybot Search and Destroy 1.6

Por PepiMK Software  (Freeware)
Valoración de los usuarios

Spybot – Search and Destroy detecta y elimina spyware, un tipo relativamente nuevo de amenaza que no está del todo cubierto por los antivirus habituales. El Spyware almacena de manera sigilosa tu comportamiento de navegación para crear un perfil de marketing para ti, el cuál se transmite sin tu conocimiento a recopiladores que lo venden a empresas de publicidad.

Si ves barras de herramientas nuevas en tu Internet Explorer que no has instalado de manera intencionada, si tu navegador falla inexplicablemente o si tu página personal ha sido “secuestrada” (o modificada sin tu conocimiento), lo más probable es que tu ordenador esté infectado con spyware.

Incluso si no ves los síntomas, puede que tu ordenador esté infectado, porque cada vez surge más y más spyware. Spybot-S&D es gratuito, por lo que no hay problema en probarlo para ver si algo ha invadido tu ordenador.

Spybot-S&D también puede limpiar los rastros de uso, una funcionalidad interesante si compartes tu ordenador con otros usuarios y no quieres que vean en qué has estado trabajando. Y para usuarios profesionales, Spybot-S&D permite corregir algunas inconsistencias de registro e informes extendidos.

Título: Spybot Search & Destroy 1.6
Nombre de fichero: spybotsd160.exe
Tamaño de fichero: 14.38MB (15,083,520 bytes)
Requisitos: Windows (Todas las versiones)
Idiomas: Múltiples idiomas
Licencia: Freeware
Fecha añadida: 8 de julio de 2008
Autor: PepiMK Software
Página de inicio: www.safer-networking.org
MD5 Checksum: 0E7FBF50F87B3B7C384A2471154A7558

Improved Scan Speed

Reported a few weeks ago as one of the big issues users face, Spybot-S&D 1.6 integrates parts of the future 2.0 file scanning engine to speed up the on-demand scan.

Up-to-date browser support

Both immunization and the on-demand scan are able to access a dozen different browsers, which now include the latest revisions of the most popular ones, Firefox and Opera.

Easier On-Access Use

Until now, our on-access part was able to block bad entries, but at the same time, confused many novice users by asking for confirmation on changes of other monitored system entries as well. While this is a great feature for all experienced users who want full control over their systems, we decided that we need to make this easier for the average user, and integrated automated decisions based on the system entry database built through our RunAlyzer, containing more than quarter of a million decisions.


Safer Networking also announces OpenSBI, our attempt at opening up the fight against malware to anyone who wants to participate. OpenSBI means we've published documentation and tools that anyone can use to create their own malware detection patterns for use with Spybot-S&D, and share those with other Spybot-S&D users.

* Diversity - everyone can create detection templates for any software, without depending on a central authority to acknowledge its threat.
* Neutrality - we cannot be bought to remove detections from our database, but if you do not believe us, you can simply publish your own rules against some malware.
* Continuity - OpenSBI ensures that you'll get updates as long as someone is interested in updating the database (which does not mean we intend to do less work in adding new detections).
* Flexibility - as a system administrator using the network edition, you can make sure that working time is not wasted by employees playing the latest Moorhuhn clone if you add your own detection for it. Keep in mind that some relaxation is said to even improve work results.

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