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Descargar Seafile 6.1.4

Seafile 6.1.4

Por Seafile Ltd.  (Versión comercial de prueba)
Valoración de los usuarios

Seafile is a cloud storage and data synchronization platform that lets you store your data and files on a central server and then synchronize them with your computers and mobile devices. It work by synchronizing your data between Seafile’s servers and the client apps that are installed on your various computers, smartphones and tablets.

The Seafile client app is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. Additionally, as well as using Seafile clients, you can also access your files and data stored in Seafile servers via a web interface.

Seafile is fairly flexible in letting you create libraries, where you can upload and organize your various types of files. If you want to, you can sync each library separately. In fact Seafile also comes with full version control mechanism.

Seafile is a secure solution to your data storage problems. The client side encryption ensures a very strong and robust cloud storage system. File encryption is done on the client side and any passwords are not sent to the server.

Seafile claim that, if encryption is enabled, even the system administrators of the server cannot view the contents of the files that are held in the server. For added security, in addition to file encryption, the connection between the client and the server is also encrypted.

Looking for the Mac version of Seafile? Download Here

Título: Seafile 6.1.4
Nombre de fichero: seafile-6.1.4-en.msi
Tamaño de fichero: 57.89MB (60,706,816 bytes)
Requisitos: Windows (Todas las versiones)
Idiomas: Múltiples idiomas
Licencia: Versión comercial de prueba
Fecha añadida: 21 de diciembre de 2017
Autor: Seafile Ltd.
MD5 Checksum: 062AEF202E53FC5C43253FB222E477B8

Cloud file browser:
Don't use resumable upload feature when updating a file.
Show an icon to indicate that a file is cached.
Show a warning icon when a file failed to upload to the server after changing.
User can re-upload a local modified file that failed to upload.
Add a command to open local cache folder.
Improve error messages when uploading a file or a folder.
[mac] Fix a bug that a doc/xls file uploaded automatically after downloading.
Some ui fixes and improvements.
Don't show the connection status of
Disable editing of local syncing path, users can only choose a path.
Some ui fixes and improvements.