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Descargar NSIS 2.35

NSIS 2.35

Por Nullsoft  (Open Source)
Valoración de los usuarios

NSIS (Nullsoft Scriptable Install System) is a professional open source system to create Windows installers. It is designed to be as small and flexible as possible and is therefore very suitable for internet distribution.

Being a user's first experience with your product, a stable and reliable installer is an important component of successful software. With NSIS you can create such installers that are capable of doing everything that is needed to setup your software.

NSIS is script-based and allows you to create the logic to handle even the most complex installation tasks. Many plug-ins and scripts are already available: you can create web installers, communicate with Windows and other software components, install or update shared components and more.

Título: NSIS 2.35
Nombre de fichero: nsis-2.35-setup.exe
Tamaño de fichero: 1.48MB (1,554,209 bytes)
Requisitos: Windows (Todas las versiones)
Idiomas: Múltiples idiomas
Licencia: Open Source
Fecha añadida: 9 de febrero de 2008
Autor: Nullsoft
Página de inicio: nsis.sourceforge.net
MD5 Checksum: 46D67A7770D160FA9B6DC856A9E96CD4

Major Changes

* Added MultiUser - installer configuration for multi-user Windows
* More user friendly corrupted installer message (RFE #1795426)
* Switched all examples to Modern UI 2

Minor Changes

* Fixed uninitialized memory leaking into resources (bug #1874297)
* Minor documentation improvements (including bug #1861941, bug #1883917)
* Modern UI 2: Fit images in welcome/finish page by default and fix support
* Modern UI 2: Fixed default finish page reboot selection (bug #1864690)
* Modern UI 2: Fixed MUI_STARTMENU_GETFOLDER (bug #1864507)
* Modern UI 2: Fixed unreferenced mui.StartMenuPage.Create warning (bug
* New simplified code for installation of VisualBasic 6 runtime
* Simplified NSIS Menu providing easier access to all documentation

Utilities and Plug-ins

* Added keyboard cues support for LINK controls in nsDialogs (patch
* Fixed a rare nsDialogs crash on Windows 98 with non-standard builds of
nsDialogs (bug #1889720)

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