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Descargar Miro 3.0

Miro 3.0

Valoración de los usuarios

Miro is a free HD video player. It can play almost any video file and offers over 6,000 free internet TV shows and video podcasts.

Miro has a simple, gorgeous interface designed for fullscreen HD video. Since Miro downloads most videos, you can take your shows with you, even on an airplane. Quite simply, Miro is a better way to watch all the video you care about.

Unlike your browser, Miro's built for HD. The built-in Miro Guide connects you to thousands of free High Definition video shows. Miro downloads video fast and stores it on your local computer for a level of quality that is often impossible on streaming video websites (even the ones that call themselves 'HD').

Can't open a video? Now you can, with Miro. Miro can play virtually any type of video file - Quicktime, WMV, MPEG, AVI, XVID, and more.

When it comes to video podcasts, Miro goes far beyond iTunes by letting you subscribe to BitTorrent RSS feeds, with one of the fastest torrent downloaders in the world. Miro makes BitTorrent RSS dead simple-- when a new episode is available, it will download automatically and be ready to watch.

Título: Miro 3.0
Nombre de fichero: Miro-3.0.exe
Tamaño de fichero: 29.72MB (31,163,438 bytes)
Requisitos: Windows (Todas las versiones)
Idiomas: Múltiples idiomas
Licencia: Open Source
Fecha añadida: 26 de marzo de 2010
Autor: Participatory Culture Foundation
Página de inicio: www.getmiro.com
MD5 Checksum: EC4AAF7E06AE8A52404BBABA6097AE22

# New features
- Added support for subtitles (all)
> #12319 (all) Subtitle Picker in Menu
> #12350 (all) Choose file for subtitles
> #11495 (all) menu item for subtitle track
> #12711 (all) Add a way to select an arbitrary subtitle file for a playing movie.
> #12781 (all) Remember the selected subtitle file
- #3630 (all) 'play externally' right-click menu (Thank you Jason Woofenden!)
- #9350 (all) [patch-included] Option to launch media content into external player... (Thank you Jason Woofenden!)
- #11954 (all) make max volume 2x/3x
- #11975 (all) item play button should be play/pause button
- #12145 (all) Pause hotkey missing during audio playback
- #12672 (all) edit item dialog
- #12675 (all) allow for dragging/dropping items to video/audio/other tabs
- #12171 (GTK) Add media controls to trayicon right-click menu
- #12025 (GTK/X11) support media keys

# Performance improvements
- #11100 (all) first time startup experience
- #12178 (all) deleting folder of feeds is slow
- #12380 (all) creating and updating large feeds is too slow
- #12608 (all) Improve performance for adding items to a watched folder
- #12107 (all) remove feedparser_output column

# Small features and polish
- #11938 (all) Add to playlist UI improvements
- #11960 (all) rename sidebar sections
- #12199 (all) update libtorrent to 0.14.6
- #12319 (all) Subtitle Picker in Menu
- #12429 (all) Windows Subtitle Selection UI
- #12469 (all) upgrade to libtorrent 0.14.7
- #12419 (all) maintain database history
- #12798 (all) Enable Sidebar Rename and Remove for Sites
- #11495 (OS X) menu item for subtitle track

# Bug fixes and backend improvements
- #11505 (all) intelligent sort order in media library for two digit numbers
- #12980 (all) Sort by Status in list view should sub-sort by expiry date
- #11077 (all) sort order for "name" should default to ascending
- #12987 (all) error when upgrading database: no such column: id
- #10794 (all) missing downloading retry information
- #11041 (all) Sidebar Spinner doesn't actually spin
- #11923 (all) playback bar doesn't work with non-96 dpi
- #11956 (all) Don't store resume time if the video is 95% of the way done.
- #11991 (all) crash notification when database full
- #12073 (all) external container torrents displayed twice when in watched folder
- #12149 (all) Sidebar and Playlist menu items are disabled during audio playback
- #12167 (all) Video tab view doesn't update after last unwatched item is played
- #12196 (all) remove fasttypes?
- #12198 (all) move libtorrent out of portable
- #12329 (all) File "miro\httpclient.pyc", line 1866, in grabURL AttributeError?: 'NoneType?' object has no attribute 'startswith'
- #12362 (all) Infinite loop when external option selected and miro the default player for a media type
- #12379 (all) AttributeError?: 'ChannelFolder?' object has no attribute 'setup_common'
- #12533 (all) rework subtitle menu changing code
- #12553 (all) deselect Play Media in Miro does not disable subtitle option
- #12590 (all) Add Vodo as default feed
- #12601 (all) partial results when updating saved Search All feeds
- #12602 (all) parse_command_line_args TypeError?: startswith() takes at most 3 arguments (4 given)
- #12634 (all) in set_max_new AttributeError?: 'module' object has no attribute 'auto_downloader'
- #12635 (all) Within channel search matches all
- #12645 (all) licence button and context men not inactive when no license info
- #12646 (all) No username / password prompt for pw protected feed
- #12655 (all) upgrade binary kits to libtorrent 0.14.8
- #12680 (all) "miro/storedatabase.pyo", line 372, in update_obj AssertionError?: update_obj changed 0 rows
- #12690 (all) "miro\commandline.pyc", line 81, in add_video NameError?: global name 'i' is not defined
- #12691 (all) Miro doesn't recognize that it can play some downloaded videos.
- #12697 (all) File "miro\database.pyc", line 128, in get_singleton ObjectNotFoundError?: Can't find singleton
- #12700 (all) Download search item, not properly recognized and cataloged.
- #12716 (all) socket.ssl() deprecated in Python 2.6
- #12732 (all) Changing Movies Directory doesn't update chicklets
- #12733 (all) fix audio playback shortcuts
- #12751 (all) olddatabaseupgrade refers to storedatabase.saveObjectList
- #12752 (all) E1101:2453:ManualFeedImpl.setup_common: Class 'FeedImpl?' has no 'setup_common' member
- #12775 (all) playlisttest.Upgrade88TestCase fails occasionally
- #12793 (all) Cyrillic characters in Revver search feed - irrelevant search results, mangled output
- #12806 (all) Save Search command within a feed causes mangling and occasional crashes with non-ascii characters
- #12815 (all) delete subtitle files related to an item
- #12822 (all) crash when cancelling download
- #12852 (all) Only enable Playback -> Subtitle menu during video playback
- #12853 (all) Display subtitle when browsed to during video playback.
- #12859 (all) AttributeError?: OSXApplication instance has no attribute 'rename_item'
- #12885 (all) OperationalError?: cannot start a transaction within a transaction
- #12889 (all) AttributeError?: 'NoneType?' object has no attribute 'decode'
- #12932 (all) README contains broken link to http://www.getmiro.com/downloads/
- #13000 (all) Missing _(...) in some strings
- #12339 (GTK) Pop-out playback window has no title or video name
- #12551 (GTK) toggling detached playback disables subtitles
- #12778 (GTK) When user clicks on File > Options menu item, user sees Preferences window
- #4613 (GTK/X11) [patch] remove dependancy on pkg-config --list-all
- #11977 (GTK/X11) (r9845) mouse cursor on icon "pop-out/in"
- #12587 (GTK/X11) AttributeError?: object has no attribute 'update_item'
- #12779 (GTK/X11) ubuntu - subtitles in sidecar not detected
- #12780 (GTK/X11) ubuntu - playback restarts when subtitle file added
- #12825 (GTK/X11) gstreamer - error selecting subtitle file, takes exactly 4 arguments (3 given)
- #11370 (OS X) Reposition details on the right hand of thumbnail view
- #11620 (OS X) Play menu item doesn't toggle to paused on playback
- #11857 (OS X) Thumbnail extraction for .mkv files fails
- #11858 (OS X) Sidebar scrollbar covers chicklets on startup
- #12041 (OS X) File "miro/database.pyo", line 373, in signal_change DatabaseConstraintError?: signal_change() called on non-existant object (id is 1093)
- #12056 (OS X) Embedded Perian is 1.1.3 and should be upgraded to 1.1.4
- #12266 (OS X) migratiing to non-ascii char named dir causes file duplication
- #12351 (OS X) AttributeError?: 'NSMenu' object has no attribute 'removeAllItems'
- #12352 (OS X) embedded subtitles not displayed.
- #12378 (OS X) /widgets/tablemodel.pyo", line 37, in ? ImportError?: cannot import name fasttypes
- #12453 (OS X) view does not reset when you click the 'x' to clear a search
- #12497 (OS X) delete then click on and off feed before it is removed from the view
- #12510 (OS X) AttributeError?: 'NoneType?' object has no attribute 'duration'
- #12529 (OS X) os x cmd key not displayed properly for shortcuts
- #12554 (OS X) errors skipping quickly through audio files
- #12555 (OS X) currently playing badge not updating correctly
- #12580 (OS X) AttributeError?: 'NoneType?' object has no attribute 'request_update'
- #12656 (OS X) Exception when dragging items to the playlist section
- #12724 (OS X) get_elapsed_playback_time AttributeError?: 'NoneType?' object has no attribute 'currentTime'
- #12819 (OS X) error when too slow to select subtitle file
- #12876 (OS X) in _updateErrback UnicodeEncodeError?: 'ascii' codec can't encode character
- #12877 (OS X) os x shortcut for audio pause
- #12878 (OS X) thumb generation not working
- #12882 (OS X) browse to existing sub file cause error
- #12887 (OS X) crah on startup, mac osx 10.5.8 Miro 3.0 RC2 "Quicktime could not be found"
- #1792 (Windows) unit tests on windows
- #11963 (Windows) Video file with .ogg extension displayed in the Audio tab.
- #11982 (Windows) Miro_Downloader.exe has stopped working (crashes instantly on startup)
- #11984 (Windows) upgrade Windows dependencies
- #12043 (Windows) Miro crashes on shutdown on Windows (all)
- #12327 (Windows) AttributeError?: type object 'RemoteDownloader?' has no attribute 'dldaemon'
- #12328 (Windows) ValueError?: Procedure probably called with too many arguments (8 bytes in excess)
- #12643 (Windows) app hangs, sometimes, when adding then deleting a slow site
- #12652 (Windows) old podcasts downloading again
- #12661 (Windows) Subtitles files are neither detected nor displayed
- #12686 (Windows) Playlist drop target is small
- #12692 (Windows) miro hang if video played then set to audio and played
- #12693 (Windows) miro hangs when selecting subtitle track
- #12698 (Windows) External audio files not added to the library
- #12699 (Windows) Video downloaded externally and used to launch miro not added to the Library.
- #12720 (Windows) subtitles menu doesn't open
- #12755 (Windows) File "miro\playlist.pyc", line 47, in setup_new TypeError?: 'generator' object is unsubscriptable
- #12757 (Windows) "miro\messagehandler.pyc", line 113, in _make_added_list TypeError?: 'NoneType?' object is not iterable
- #12792 (Windows) Playback of Unwatched videos is not displayed correctly
- #12812 (Windows) Update to vlc 1.0.5
- #12823 (Windows) crash when selecting some feeds,
- #12854 (Windows) black playback screen during second playback
- #12855 (Windows) Audio playback broken
- #12858 (Windows) exception when setting subtitle track
- #12862 (Windows) subtitle track and disable options not immediately available
- #12863 (Windows) Playback hang when subtitle file in non-ascii char directory.

# Additional notes:
- Dropped support for xine renderer in GTK/X11 version.

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