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Descargar GnuCash 2.6.17

GnuCash for Mac 2.6.17

Por The GnuCash Project  (Open Source)
Valoración de los usuarios

GnuCash for Mac is a powerful financial-accounting app that is designed to help you with all manner of financial related tasks. The app can be used to keep track of all your financial operations from your bank accounts, stocks and other income and expenses.

GnuCash for Mac supports databases including PostgreSQL, SQLite3 and MySQL (backend XML). Note, the default storage is a gzipped XML file and that using a SQL database instead is optional. In addition the GnuCash for Mac app bundle supports only SQLite3 out-of-the-box; users of MySQL or Postgresql will have to build and install a dbd driver.

Key Features include:

  • Double entry accounting.
  • Online banking support.
  • Multiple currency support.
  • Checkbook style registry.
  • Reporting tools.
  • Mutual fund and stock portfolios.
  • Income and expense account management.
  • HBCI support.
  • General accounting ledgers.
  • Vendor and customer tracking.
  • OFX and QIF support.
  • Statement reconciliations.
  • Bill payments and invoicing.

GnuCash for Mac has been designed to be easy to use, flexible and powerful. It feels quick and intuitive to use and has a solid base around professional accounting principles, therefore it is able to provide balanced books and accurate reports.

Overall, GnuCash for Mac is well presented and contains a diverse array of accounting features such as multiple currency support, double entry accounting and invoicing. On the downside, the integrations with tax software comes up short, however it can support some online banking services.

Título: GnuCash 2.6.17
Nombre de fichero: Gnucash-Intel-2.6.17-1.dmg
Tamaño de fichero: 111.37MB (116,777,440 bytes)
Requisitos: Windows (Todas las versiones)
Idiomas: Múltiples idiomas
Licencia: Open Source
Fecha añadida: 6 de julio de 2017
Autor: The GnuCash Project
MD5 Checksum: CCCCC617FA26B55FF1ADF84024526B04

Prevent changing some Account Options if it has transactions - Relax the account type change restrictions. In the new implementation account types can't be changed for an account with splits:
If the change would force a commodity change e.g. from type STOCK to BANK as the former takes only non-currency commodities and the latter only currency.
For immutable accounts.
At the time of this commit the following account types are considered immutable:
Accounts Receivable.
Accounts Payable.
Trading accounts.
Foreign currency reports, amounts are not aligned correctly - Improve the styling of the table element used for foreign currencies in the Balance sheet report so they end up aligned with the other currencies.
Link in github repo README file needs correction/editing.
Split-register transactions result in invalid price:type "transaction" Add 'transaction' to the schema and document it in gnc-pricedb.h.
Online Banking Wizard Crashes for Windows (gnucash-on-windows).
Alert on missing account currency when opening account - Also separate translatable commodity namespace strings from those used in storage: There is now a separate GNC_COMMODITY_NS_ISO_GUI label to be used everywhere the user needs to read 'Currency namespace'. It's currently set to 'Currencies' and can be translated.
Transactions produced by Transfer Funds or Process Payment dialogs sort to beginning of day and do not honor NUM field for custom sorting.
Stock Split Assistant crashes GnuCash if you enter a New Price and that already exists in the Price DB.
Gnucash-2.6.16 segfaults on startup.
Typo in 'import customers or vendors from text file' dialog.
Some other fixes not associated with reported bugs:
Fix crash on Mac when trying to create or edit an AQBanking User. (gnucash-on-osx).
Properly define the template namespace rather than using a local string everywhere.
Correctly store time64 0 in the SQL backend: The SQL backend ignored time64 0 when saving dates. time64 is a perfectly valid timestamp (1970-01-01 00:00:00) and should be stored.
Clamp time64 values passed to GDateTime functions to the valid range. Fixes a bug reported on the mailing list wherein a date of 0000-00-00 in a MySql database would crash GnuCash. Such dates may come from a bad conversion of 1970-01-01 or from a crash.
Add XSU to iso-4217-currencies.
Some banks include additional purpose information for a transaction in non-swift-section 17 (aka transaction text). If available, this transaction text is put in front of the other purpose texts to provide full transaction information. Adds a preference to control import behaviour of transaction text.
Translation Updates: Arabic, Japanese, Serbian, Spanish, Turkish.