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Download Zoom Player Home FREE 9.5.0

Zoom Player Home 9.5.0

By Inmatrix  (Shareware)
User Rating

Zoom Player Home is the free version of Zoom Player Max media player for Windows. It is a flexible media player based on 'Smart Play' technology, which lets you play more media files with improved stability, greater performance, and less fuss.

Zoom Player Home is easy to use with an intuitive interface that everyone can enjoy. With advanced playback and customisation options, Zoom Player Home gives you more flexibility than standard media players. It supports a wide range of file formats and can even play incomplete AVI files and those locked by third party programs.

Key features include:

  • Video and audio playback.
  • 'Smart Play' technology.
  • Fast loading.
  • High performance media playback.
  • Improved stability.
  • Intuitive interface.
  • Audio equalizer.
  • Colour control.
  • Screenshot feature.
  • Advanced customisation options.
  • Subtitle support.
  • Free media player.

With Zoom Player Home, you can customize your media playback in some creative ways. You'll be able to alter playback speeds with pre-set and custom speed selections, and choose an aspect ratio that suits you. It even gives you custom skins to liven up your interface and gives you flexibility with advanced mouse controls.

Zoom Player Home makes a great video player for your Windows PC. It allows you to playback movies from DVD, hard drive or network connection. Set bookmarks to skip to your favourite scenes, and auto-remember where you left off when resuming a DVD.

Overall, Zoom Player Home is a fantastic free media player with flexibility. It gives you a range of customisation features within a user-friendly and intuitive interface. Enjoy powerful media playback with the free Zoom Player Home.

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Try Zoom Player Max for an even better media playback experience.

Title: Zoom Player Home FREE 9.5.0
Filename: zp950free.exe
File size: 4.79MB (5,017,960 bytes)
Requirements: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / Windows 7 / XP 64-bit / Vista 64-bit / Windows 7 64-bit / Windows 8 / Windows 8 64-bit / Windows 10 / Windows 10 64-bit
Languages: Multiple languages
License: Shareware
Date added: November 5, 2014
Author: Inmatrix
MD5 Checksum: 98EBD67B7055F8DDD716B55150242412

* The main fullscreen navigation interface index is now drawn using an icon grid array instead of a list, making it much more touch/mouse friendly.
* There is now a dedicated close button for all fullscreen navigation interfaces, making them more suitable for usage with touch devices.
* New text-file viewer, opening any of the following text extensions uses the new viewer: csv, css, ini, json, log, nfo, txt, xml, yaml.
- Files with the 'nfo' extension will open using the Terminal font at a fixed size of "9" to preserve the ASCII art.
- While the text-file viewer is in use, the UP/DOWN navigation keys and the mouse scroll wheel are used to scroll through the file instead of their usually assigned function.
* You can now rename files directly from the playlist fullscreen navigation interface's function menu.
* The GoTo time fullscreen navigation interface is now more usable with a mouse or touch input :
- You can now click to select the Hour/Minute/Seconds fields.
- Clicking the current position pastes the current position to the Hour/Minute/Seconds entry fields
- The arrow controls are larger and more accessible.
* A clickable "Trash" icon is now displayed next to the erase entry on fullscreen navigation interfaces' function menu.
* New setting "Adv. Options / Interface / Fullscreen Navigation / Customization) to override a skin's icon grid array viewing mode for the main fullscreen navigation interface index.
* New setting "Adv. Options / Interface" that overrides the mouse scroll wheel and UP/DOWN navigation keys functions when the HTML or Text file viewers are in use. Instead of the assigned functions the mouse wheel and UP/DOWN keys are used to scroll through the HTML/Text content.
* New setting "Adv. Options / Playback / Video / Subtitles" that determines whether the XySubFilter high resolution subtitle renderer is used (MadVR set as the video renderer is also a requirement for XySubFilter to work).
* New setting "Adv. Options / Interface / Fullscreen Navigation / Settings" that determines if text files are listed in the media library and file browsing fullscreen navigation interfaces. This setting can also be accessed through the media library and file browsing fullscreen navigation interfaces' function menu.
* New setting "Adv. Options / Interface / Fullscreen Navigation / Customization" specifying that the selected custom background image should be treated as a pattern and tiled instead of stretched.
* New setting "Adv. Options / Playback" that determines whether text files are added to the playlist when opening an entire drive or folder.
* You can now select "Text & HTML" from the open dialog's drop-down format list.
* New control bar buttons that opens the 'Main' and 'Media Library' fullscreen navigation interface.
* New button on the Install Center's options dialog to open the cache folder in explorer.
* You can now click an arrow icon on the media library, file browsing and playlist fullscreen navigation interfaces' quick search function to reach the selected entry with one click.
* New skin-script code to better position the 'GoTo Time' fullscreen navigation interface's "current" and "seek-to" position texts.
* New Smart Play profile for opening local ".NSV" media files. Improved NSV streaming should appear in a future version.
* The default configuration has been improved to better account for new and updated features.
* The 'Navigation Scrollbar Size' setting can now be set to "Dynamic Mode" which changes the scrollbar's size dynamically based on the interface's width, restoring the previous default scrollbar behavior.
* "Dynamic mode" is the new default 'Navigation Scrollbar Size', restoring the scrollbar size to v9.3 values.
* When the HTML viewer is in use, the UP/DOWN navigation keys and the mouse scroll wheel are now used to scroll through the web page instead of their usually assigned function.
* The icon next to the 'Play all files in this Directory' and 'Randomly Play all files in this Directory' has been changed from a checkbox to a play icon.
* The notification about bad sub-types in a smart play profile will no longer appear by default. These messages will now only appear if the 'Show Smart Play graph creation errors' setting is enabled.
* The default panning rate when using an XInput (XBOX 360/ONE) controller has been slowed a bit.
* A few of the fullscreen navigation icons were tweaked for clarity and enhanced visuals.
* Some of the icons on the bundled Customizable Background fullscreen navigation skin have been made semi-translucent in sections to better integrate with the background image.
* The GoTo time fullscreen navigation dialog now always opens on the "Seconds" field (previously it would on the "Hours" field).
* Improved keyboard time to seek input when using the GoTo time fullscreen navigation interface.
* Added more space between some buttons in fullscreen navigation interfaces (Equalizer, Image Adjust, Color Control, Image Blanking).
* The Image Adjust fullscreen navigation interface layout has been optimized for additional clarity.
* The Mouse wheel function fullscreen navigation interface has been optimized for additional clarity and enhanced touch input.
* Disabled the "Press & Hold" windows touch-input feature on the fullscreen navigation interfaces. The "Press & Hold" feature adds a delayed response to touch events, which interfered with smooth operation on tablet devices.
* Enabling a file tracker feature while the download manager fullscreen navigation interface was already visible could cause a crash.
* Trying to play streaming audio without the DC-Bass component installed would trigger a crash.
* Trying to play a station listed under the favorites section would trigger a crash.
* Adding a station to the favorite station list would not save the new favorite item after restarting the player.
* Long Path text in the media library and file browsing fullscreen interfaces would cause the text to overlay the selected item count and icon.
* Renaming a file in the media library or file browsing fullscreen navigation interfaces would cause the some of the playlist navigation interface icons to appear in the wrong size.
* Renaming a file using one of the fullscreen navigation interfaces would not rename the playlist entry for that file.
* Clicking in an empty space under or above a file entry's icon in the playlist, media library and file browsing fullscreen navigation interfaces no longer selects the last entry in the list.
* Clicking in an empty space under or above an entry in all fullscreen navigation interface would wrongly interpret the click as if it was on the first or last entry in the list, leading to accidental actions.
* Switching to fullscreen with the Zoom Player window in a maximized state would lose the window's maximized state upon exiting fullscreen mode.
* Hovering with the mouse cursor over a timeline area containing a chapter/bookmark would cause the hint window containing the bookmark name and position to flicker if the hint window would appear on the edge of the active screen.
* Setting the mouse's middle-click (mouse wheel click) to reset DirectShow Zooming, instead of resetting, the maximum zoom value was applied.
* Opening a folder through several means (drag & drop for example) would not always respect the "Opening a drive or directory includes opening image files" setting.
* Rotating the screen/tablet now hides the date & time display from the navigation interfaces (previously they would overlap due to the lack of space).
* Category names would overlap the right-side icons in the fullscreen media library navigation interface.
* Clicking the left/right edges of a fullscreen navigation interface to navigate left/right now works again.