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Download WinPatrol 33.1.2015.0

WinPatrol 33.1.2015.0

By BillP Studios  (Freeware)
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WinPatrol alerts you to hijackings, malware attacks and critical changes made to your computer without your permission. As a multipurpose support utility, WinPatrol replaces multiple system utilities with its enhanced functionality.

WinPatrol was the pioneer in using a heuristic behavioral approach to detecting attacks and violations of your computing environment. Traditional security programs scan your hard drive searching for previously identified threats. WinPatrol takes snapshots of your critical system resources and alerts you to any changes that occur without your knowledge.

You'll be removing dangerous new programs while others prepare to update their definition/signature data files.

Title: WinPatrol 33.1.2015.0
Filename: wpsetup.exe
File size: 1.03MB (1,081,688 bytes)
Requirements: Windows (All Versions)
Languages: Multiple languages
License: Freeware
Date added: February 28, 2015
Author: BillP Studios
MD5 Checksum: 490910A68F3F9C237270D792D931258B

- Improved History processing now includes history of any items restored. For example, when a file is removed from the Startup tab it displays “START_Remove”. If the file is restored, an entry is added “START_Restored” to give confirmation and so you can track what has been done.
- Fixed bug in History Restore functionality that cause restore to fail on many occasions.
- Improved automatic clean-up and removal of files no longer on your computer from the WinPatrol database.
- Updated alert processing to help eliminate repeat alerts.
- Added code so that users of BitDefender 2015 should be able to use AutoPilot without receiving repeated alerts.
- Fixed upgrade bug that results in two versions of WinPatrol running for some customers.
- Added “First Detected” column to the Delayed Start Tab.
- Added “Status” column to the Startup Programs Tab. Currently we do not recognize when 64-bit programs are running, we will have a full 64-bit version of WinPatrol available later this year.
- Program description now displays in WinPatrol Explorer footer when highlighting a program.
- Fixed sorting on date columns.
- Fixed a bug Registry Monitoring that resulted in some keys not being monitored as they should have been.
- Added note to Cookies tab that recommends closing any open browsers prior to editing cookies. We also added improved processing to handle if a browser is open so that you do not lose your changes. But we still recommend closing a browser before editing it’s associated cookies because the major browsers all keep a cache of their cookies and will automatically restore anything they have not themselves removed.