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By TortoiseGit  (Open Source)
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TortoiseGit is a Windows Shell Interface to Git and based on TortoiseSVN. TortoiseGit is not an integration for a specific IDE such as Visual Studio, or Eclipse for instance, rather you can use it with whatever development tools you choose, and with any type of file. The main interaction with TortoiseGit will be via the context menu of a Windows explorer interface.

Key features include:

  • All commands are available directly from Windows Explorer.
  • Only commands that make sense for the selected file/folder are shown..
  • Powerful commit dialog.
  • Auto completion of paths and keywords of the modified files.
  • Integration with issue tracking systems.
  • Can apply patch files you got from users without commit access to your repository.
  • Minimum log message length to avoid accidentally committing with an empty log message.
  • Multi language support.
  • Easy to use.

TortoiseGit is developed under the GPL. Which means it is totally free for anyone to use, including in a commercial environment, without any restriction whatsoever. The source code is also freely available, so you can even develop your own version if you need to.

TortoiseGit provides you with information such as regular tasks, committing, showing logs, diffing two versions, creating branches and tags, and creating patches etc.

Title: TortoiseGit 32-bit
Filename: TortoiseGit-
File size: 16.42MB (17,219,584 bytes)
Requirements: Windows (All Versions)
Languages: Multiple languages
License: Open Source
Date added: May 22, 2019
Author: TortoiseGit
MD5 Checksum: 143206627B44087A73C5AF56773E2D90

== Features ==
* Update libgit to 2.19.0 based on Git for Windows sources
* Fixed issue #2591: Enable accent coloring for search term matches in log messages and FileDiffDlg
* LogDlg, FileDiffDlg, RefBrowserDlg: Allow to use more complex search expressions, see documentation
* Fixed issue #3279: Browse References -> lacks capability to double click an item (now opens log by default)
* Update Scintilla to 4.1.3
* Fixed issue #3277: Start of rebase process doesn't show log tab by default
* Fixed issue #3273: Show more information (beginning of commit subject) about commit parents in context menus
* Fixed issue #3272: Revision Graph does not show the option to checkout a remote branch
* Added the option to store hook configurations within the repository (/.tgitconfig) in order to share it with other developers
* Fixed issue #3154: Decorate bare repository's folder with a Git icon
* Update OGDF library to latest stable version (used for Revision Graph)
* Make unified patch in temp folder read-only
* Update apr to 1.6.5
* Update libgit2 to version 0.28
* Fixed issue #3304: Double click on stash list item does nothing, show log instead
* Fixed issue #3305: Stash Changes/Save, then allow Stash Apply
* Support opportunistic TLS for SendMailDlg
* Improve documentation for alternative unified diff viewer configuration
* TGitCache: Speed up scanning of folders with lots of unversioned files
* BrowseRefsDlg: Allow to delete multiple remote branches in batch
* Rebase: Document start, abort and finish in reflog
* Add TortoiseGitUDiff to Open With list
* Update editorconfig to 0.12.4
* Fixed issue #3295: TortoiseGitPlink does not work with Git protocol ver. 2
* Fixed issue #3290: Improve "Status/Check for modifications" documentation
* Fixed issue #3228: Rebase: Add full support for empty commits (e.g., commits which become empty during conflict resolution)
* Fixed issue #3189: Show progress bar when resolving lots of conflicts
* Fixed issue #3318: More accurate git-svn detection
* Fixed issue #1770: Add support for changelists
* Fixed issue #3327: Clarify remote and remote-tracking branch
* TGitCache: Significantly reduce disk access for requesting cached file statuses
* FileDiffDlg: Correctly show renames (also also allow to filter by them)
* Update shipped Notepad2 to Notepad2e

== Bug Fixes ==
* Fixed issue #3250: GitWCRev: IsGitItem return true for item that had never been committed
* Fixed issue #3251: GitWCRev.GetWCInfo COM object ignores file path (parameter 1)
GitWCRev not honours the passed path and calculates the HasModifications/UnversionedFiles status according to the passed path
* Fixed issue #3261: Review/Apply single patch does not work anymore if patch does not apply cleanly
* Fixed issue #2541: Patches created from "Create patch file" in diff view/TortoiseGitMerge has invalid filepath
* CommitDlg: commit.template did not honor "~/"
* Fixed issue #3271: Document TortoiseGitProc.exe /command:merge /abort option
* Fixed issue #3281: TortoiseGitUDiff preferences page clips out text in Russian translation
* Fixed issue #3284: BrowseRefsDlg: Cannot compare annotated tag to working tree (libgit2 returned the requested type does not match the type in ODB)
* Modified files, Revert, and Resolve dialogs did show all staged files regardless of selection
The Commit dialog still shows all staged files, this is by design and required for commit to work properly (e.g., that no files get lost in a merge commit).
* Fixed issue #3264: Remove tag can leave an empty folder in refs/tags
* Fixed issue #3297: Missing URI-encode of %BUGID%-part by call of issue tracker URL
* Fixed issue #3307: Abort Merge on a single file always results in a parameter error message
* Fixed issue #3269: Git Command Progress window blank, hanging on commit (e.g., when auto gc is running)
* Fixed issue #3039: Icon overlays don't update properly when committing after gc prune on the command line
* Fixed issue #3316: Misleading message box after pull with rebase, when branch is behind origin/branch, but origin/branch=remote/origin/master
* Fixed issue #3288: Commit window: text is cut when Russian localisation
* Fixed issue #3317: merge-ods.vbs-script: Merged document in LibreOffice 6.1 deleted by the script
* Fixed issue #3329: create tag with message results in fatal error if username contains space
* Fixed issue #3330: Edit notes don't load correctly for stash commits and reflog dialog
* Fixed issue #3331: "Putty Key:" label is too narrow for localization
* RefLog: Remember last selected branch on refresh
* Opening the credential helper settings page caused elevation logic to trigger
* Improved detection of valid git repositories
* Improved stability in various unusual cases