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A free patch for GTA: San Andreas

This Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Patch is an official release from Rockstar Games that disables the controversial Hot Coffee mod on PC. The patch is included in new downloads of the game, It is a recommended installation if you’re playing the game from the disc, as it entirely disables any content that Hot Coffee used.

A solution to mod issues

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is an old action title from Rockstar Games that is still enjoyable for fans of the series to play. Old releases, however, enable a controversial mod known as Hot Coffee, for which this patch addresses. 

This patch is already implemented in new downloads of the game, but can still be downloaded for anyone running an old copy of GTA: SA. This installation will also update the game resolution and fix many issues that caused the game to crash.


The patch will run on any computer that can support its base game, GTA: San Andreas. This ensures that anyone with the game can disable the Hot Coffee mod and boost their resolution.

Hot Coffee

The Hot Coffee Mod enables files that were originally kept from the game. These files are in the title's folders but they were inaccessible while playing unless this mod was enabled.

A mini-game is readded into the base game, which allows you to enter the house of Carl Johnson’s girlfriend and experience crudely rendered sex. The scene is unpleasant to watch, and it is easy to understand why this feature was never included in the final product.

The incident was the cause for GTA: San Andreas’s rating change to adult only. Previously the title had only an M rating until the modification revealed that the files for the mini-game were not removed, but merely hidden.

New games

The latest versions of San Andreas already have this patch installed, removing any controversial content and applying multiple fixes. Unless you’re playing this game from a disc, this patch is likely already installed.

Other mods will work

The GTA: San Andreas Patch does not prevent your game from loading any other modifications. The only mod that will not work is the HC mod as the necessary files for it to work no longer exist. Your game will still load GTA: San Andreas mods. Cheat codes that you can find online will continue to work as well.

Resolution increase

Along with the removal of the HC content, this patch will also update the resolution of old versions of the San Andreas title. Once this modification is downloaded and installed, your game will have 720p and 1080p resolution support.

Other minor fixes

This patch contains many other minor fixes that greatly improve the game’s performance and prevent any game-breaking bugs from occurring. The default game is prone to crashing, but with this download, the problem has mostly disappeared. However, the patch does not solve all of these issues.

Various audio issues are also resolved, reducing the noise of certain actions. With this mod, you no longer have to face many of the instances that downgraded your experience.


GTA San Andreas is a great game. Since new downloads will have the patch automatically installed, these alternative games and mods may be to your liking.

Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas adds the ability to play with friends as it is a multiplayer modification for the game. You can also create your own game modes to enjoy with other players.

San Andreas Mod Installer is a small package that makes the installation of game modes easy. The installer is quick to use and will help you expand the content available in GTA: SA.

GTA San Andreas Pack of Cars provides you with three new vehicles that have specifically been designed for the game. The cars are a Dodge Viper, McLaren F1 LM, and a Ferrari Testarossa.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is another GTA title that fans of the series will enjoy. The game shares many mechanics but has different mods available for you to explore.

Upgraded experience

This patch is ideal for any fan of the series who doesn’t wish to access the controversial files and boost their game. The file is one of the best and easiest ways to update an outdated game to your modern computer.

By installing this, you won’t affect the performance or downgrade your experience in any way. Mods, excluding Hot Coffee, can still be installed as usual.



Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Patch 2 for Windows
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  • Windows 2000,
  • Windows ME,
  • Windows Vista,
  • Windows 10,
  • Windows XP,
  • Windows 8.1,
  • Windows 98 SE,
  • Windows 7,
  • Windows 8
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  • German,
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Latest update:
Saturday, May 27th 2023
Rockstar Games

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Patch for PC


Rockstar Games(Paid)

User rating8


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