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Download AlomWare Reset 4.00

AlomWare Reset 4.00

By AlomWare  (Commercial Trial)
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AlomWare Reset is a simple app that works by rapidly closing all open apps and windows, clearing the clipboard and recent document lists, killing non-system processes, freeing memory and defaulting other settings to their clean booted-like state.

When running the app, a warning message is displayed in the interface. If all your data is saved, you can proceed and reset your system, but if you want to perform another task, you can simply close AlomWare Reset and start it again when you need it.

The app can simulate the effects of a regular reboot, without actually restarting the OS. Because of this, the reset time is reduced to a few seconds and you should end up with a fresh system to work on.

Title: AlomWare Reset 4.00
Filename: AlomWare_Reset_400_Setup.exe
File size: 995KB (1,018,609 bytes)
Requirements: Windows (All Versions)
Languages: Multiple languages
License: Commercial Trial
Date added: October 14, 2017
Author: AlomWare
MD5 Checksum: B1339922A29CCE5B231A8E5AD9B883B8

Actions now ask for confirmation before proceeding (but can be disabled).
The option to relaunch startup apps now has a selection window where you can specifically choose which startup apps should try to be restarted (or ignored).
The window position of AlomWare Reset is now saved between launches.
Added more keywords to the (optional) warning before a simulated reboot.
New "Expert mode" setting (disabled by default) where you can choose to get a confirmation warning before simulating a reboot and other clicked actions.
The window now has a "System" area that show your RAM, system drive space, and battery percentage (if present). Useful to monitor how your PC is performing.
The new "System" area also has a "Restart desktop" button, so you can kill and restart the desktop for any given reason. For example, after changing a desktop setting that normally requires a logoff/reboot to apply. (This button replaces the "Process Killer" drop-down item named "(Desktop)" in v3.10.2 and earlier).
The clipboard text as being part of a snapshot (due to user feedback).
Minor bug fix:
Shift+Ctrl+F4 will no longer kill AlomWare Reset.
The usual internal fixes and optimizations.
Minor changes to the manual.