Workable lets you take total control over your recruiting processes. From job postings to managing candidates, Workable saves time and administration costs, and because it simplifies time-consuming tasks such as browsing, screening and managing candidates it lets you focus on recruiting the right candidates for the right positions.

With Workable there are no set up fees and there is nothing to install as the whole process works from the cloud. The process is so intuitive that no learning curve is required! Workable helps you promote your job listings without paying a small fortune, either. You can post your open positions to the most popular free job boards, such as SimplyHired and Glassdoor, but if you require a premium listing, such as Monster or CareerBuilder, then Workable can also provide top quality job postings that are going to get noticed.

Workable is launched from the LinkedIn platform, therefore it is imperative to have a LinkedIn account to use the software. Immediately after logging into LinkedIn, you are asked to create a careers page for your organization. This page has twofold functionality: it acts as your main homepage on the Workable site and is also used to advertise openings on your own company’s website by embedding the page. Workable lets you set up a branded careers page that will keep jobs updated automatically; every time you create a new position.

Key Features
One of Workable’s best tools is the candidate comparison browser. This gives you the ability to compare multiple candidate profiles from within a single area. The layout is uncluttered and clean, yet it can accommodate multiple candidate profiles simultaneously. This is a really cool feature because it allows you to compare candidates’ qualifications against major criteria you have set for the job. Thereby giving you a better overview of the right candidates and speeding up the whole process. This tool, along with the ability to identify and track statistics through a range of analytics, thereby saving time and resources, makes Workable an ideal solution to solve recruitment issues.

Workable is a great tool that lets you make better hiring decisions as a team. You can ask colleagues or external recruiters to upload, review and screen candidates. You can invite as many team members as you like and you can set up different teams for different roles. You can also configure Workable so that you receive email notifications and can send in your feedback from your mobile device.

Workable supports the big social network players; Twitter, GitHub, LinkedIn, Facebook, Slack, Gmail, Zapier, and Indeed Apply all have tight integration with Workable. In the future, integrations with other job boards, such as Monster, CareerBuilder and SimplyHired will also be supported.

Workable has a subscription pricing model that begins at $19.00/month. It also provides a Free 15-day trial to get you started (No Credit Card required).

Bottom Line
Workable provides you with an efficient platform to work from. It has a clean user interface and the functionality of the suite is second to none. It is a perfect tool for taking control of your company’s recruiting process. The integration with LinkedIn is seamless, and really useful tools, such as the hiring and applicant tracking workflow, and the ability to import your existing resume database, make Workable a first class recruitment solution.

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