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Norton Family Premier is a web based monitoring service, with a stack of configurable options and support for devices across the board.

Norton Family Premier allows you to setup individual profiles for each user of the device and customize their settings. You can block or allow each individual category - Web Filtering, Safe Search, Social Settings, and Time Management.

The service gives you lots of features that can be controlled via the web interface. For example, you can manage which websites are being viewed in Web Settings. You can also set up warnings about websites, block a site completely, or allow all websites but monitor the history. You can also block or allow individual websites or block websites from a certain category.

Key Features include:

  • Web Supervision.
  • Time Supervision.
  • Search Supervision.
  • Social Network Supervision.
  • Personal Information Protection.
  • Email Alerts.
  • Access Request.
  • Access Request.
  • Location Supervision.
  • Parent Mobile App.
  • Mobile App Supervision.
  • Text Message Supervision.
  • Video Supervision.
  • Instant Lock.
  • Activity History.
  • Monthly/Weekly Reports.
  • Easy-to-Use Web Portal.

There are also Safe Search settings, Social Network settings, and time management settings to configure.

Overall, if you are in the market for a solid monitoring service for your kids, Norton Family Premier is definitely worth checking out. It supports customizable restrictions for each user for both web and searching settings, alongside time management. Norton also provide a money back guarantee as well.

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