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Mozy is a quality, secure cloud service backup provider. The MozyPro service is able to protect unlimited workstations, laptops, servers and popular business apps, with a pricing structure based on the amount of cloud storage that is required. MozyPro has superb backup tools such as the 2xProtect feature which simultaneously backs up data to a local drive or network share for faster file restores. MozyPro Cloud Backup is suitable for business of all sizes, from freelancers and small businesses, through to public administrations and huge enterprises.

MozyPro Cloud Backup allows you to schedule backups to run daily, weekly, or monthly. The cloud backup service offers automatic backup protection with options to schedule backups continuously throughout the day. MozyPro is both a secure and a scalable service, which ensures no matter what size critical files your business has, they are kept safe and are always accessible when you need them. Mozy currently backs up data for more than 6 million customers and 100,000 businesses. That’s over 90 petabytes of data stored across the globe in world class data centers.

Getting stated with MozyPro is an easy affair, once you have completed an initial backup, MozyPro can then be configured to your specific needs and requirements regarding your back schedule. You can decide how often to do subsequent backups of your data. Backup configuration is fairly fluid with MozyPro; you can set it to back up your files when computers are in idle, for instance, and you can access older versions of files as is required.

Military Grade Encryption
MozyPro provides all users with military-grade encryption (256-bit AES) for all of your data before it leaves your computer to be backed up. Upon backup, the data is then sent over a secure connection and stored in data centers in remote locations across the globe. Encryption keys are provided by MozyPro for you, or you can opt to create your own encryption key. This is a great security feature because no one outside of your company has access to your data.

MozyPro also has SSAE 16 and ISO 27001 certification. The SSAE 16 certification means Mozy has met the strict standards for data security set by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. The ISO 27001 certification is an international standard for protecting information.

MozyPro Cloud Backup operates a subscription pricing model with prices starting from $9.99/month. MozyPro covers options for a wide range of budgets and requirements and there is a Free Trial available (No Credit Card required).

The Bottom Line
MozyPro cloud backup is a cost-effective way to protect the critical data held on your servers and computers in comparison to purchasing additional equipment and backup software. MozyPro has excellent customer support, coupled with strong, rigid security features.

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