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Planview PPM Pro is a quality provider of cloud portfolio management solutions. They provide a seamless approach to manage projects, applications and resources across the business. Planview PPM Pro’ solutions include Project Portfolio Management (PPM), Predictive Portfolio Analysis (PPA), Application Portfolio Management (APM), Agile Portfolio Management, Resource Management, and the Planview PPM Pro Integration Platform.

By utilizing Planview PPM Pro’ many tools and features your business can improve IT management processes by providing you with greater accountability, visibility and transparency across the board. Planview PPM Pro' IT Governance cloud solution is built on a solid PPM foundation, therefore any authorized users can effectively manage project requests, resources and budgets in a transparent way.

Project Portfolio Management
With Planview PPM Pro your business is able to access all the data that is necessary to avoid wasting funds and resources. This is a superb cost effective management tool, which can be utilized by managers to gain the ability to identify any projects that are wasting resources and don’t warrant further investment. Conversely it also allows managers to focus their attention on more productive projects.

The PPM solution provides transparent access to every project. The full use of these great tools gives managers the ability to manage schedules and resources, no matter what their geographical location.

Application Portfolio Management
A key feature of Planview PPM Pro' cloud-based platform is Application Portfolio Management. With this tool managers can are able to oversee all of the companies' applications and project portfolios under a single, centralized location. This is a great feature of the platform because managers can also view requests easily and in an efficient manner. The demand scoring and prioritization features also integrate with existing systems in order to streamline basic processes as well.

Planview PPM Pro uses a subscription pricing model that is calculated around an annual cost, based on a per-user monthly fee. There is a free trial available and Planview PPM Pro also provides multi-year purchase plans which are available on request directly.

Bottom Line
Overall, Planview PPM Pro provides a good mix of functionality and simplicity in Project Portfolio Management (PPM) and Application Portfolio Management (APM). By utilizing this platform it makes it easier for IT Managers to align their organizations to the goals of the business. Department Managers can utilize the SaaS solution to prioritize resource capacity levels and standardise work execution across the business. Planview PPM Pro has both detailed reporting features and simple, easy to navigate dashboards.

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