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As the attention of buyers continues to shift away from traditional advertising and leans towards peer influence, being able to mobilize advocates should be a main focus of any businesses’ marketing plan. Influitive AdvocateHub is able to help B2B marketers capture customer enthusiasm and then utilize it to increase marketing and sales efforts.

With Influitive AdvocateHub you can build an advocate community and invite customers into it, in order to complete challenges such as referrals, reference calls or product reviews. When they complete challenges, advocates gain points, badges and levels, which can be used for a variety of privileges.

Key Features
Influitive AdvocateHub’s key features include the following: Sales Reference Automation, Referrals Management, Social Network Integration, CRM Integration, Challenge Editor, Points, Badges, and Levels, Gamification and Leaderboards, Messaging and Feedback, Rewards Catalog, Automated Reward Fulfillment, Perks Management, Segmentation, Multi-channel, Custom Branding, Data Export, Open API, and Mobile and Web Presence.

Influitive AdvocateHub integrates with the following apps and services: Facebook, Gainsight, Gooddata, Hootsuite, HubSpot, LinkedIn, Oracle Eloqua, Marketo, Twitter, and Salesforce Sales Cloud. It supports Android and iPhone devices, and it has an API available for use as well.

Influitive AdvocateHub uses a subscription pricing model, with plans starting from $2000.00 per month. All plans are specifically tailored to the needs and requirements of your business. For specific pricing please contact Influitive AdvocateHub directly.

Bottom Line
Influitive AdvocateHub is a powerful B2B platform that allows your business easily discover and mobilize your advocates. This, in turn, helps you drive referrals, testimonials, marketing buzz, and product feedback, which all leads to improved customer satisfaction and shortened sales cycles. By using a system such as Influitive AdvocateHub, your business can have deeper engagements with your clients and build stronger brand recognition and reputation. Typical users of Influitive AdvocateHub include large enterprises, mid sized businesses and non profits.

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