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Desk.com is Salesforce's out-of-the-box customer support help desk that is specifically designed to help businesses offer fast, awesome customer support. The app has been designed for speed, ease of use, and scalability. It puts all the support needs for your business into one tidy package; with agent productivity tools, an easy to manage knowledge base, and a cutting-edge mobile app, coupled with intuitive reports and dashboards, you'll have all the tools you need to provide quality customer service to your clients.

Where Desk.com excels is in its ability to keep things simple, it concentrates on getting tickets raised from email, phone calls and social media while giving agents a good selection of workflow and processing tools. Desk.com is part of the Salesforce family and a leader in cloud computing; it is both scalable and secure and has great features, including customer relationship management, issue reporting, and customer profiling.

Universal Agent Inbox
The Universal Agent Inbox is the place where you get started using Desk.com. In this area you will receive your notifications for your customer's support requests. These arrive from various sources, including email, live chat, online forums, and social media channels like Twitter and Facebook. A great feature of Desk.com is the fact that it doesn't overcomplicate the way tickets are raised and how they are made visible to agents. The unified inbox is a quality tool because it brings all tickets into one view no matter their source, thereby reducing the risk of tickets being missed.

Case Management
Desk.com uses a streamlined Support Case page that handles all of your individual customer requests. The customer cases are constructed and populated with the customer data and problem information and then archived for future retrieval. You can record and review the customer’s complete interaction history within each case and when it is needed to be recalled, agents can simply click to view the complete history.

If an agent has a complex case that they are not able to resolve, it can be redirected to a senior agent, and because Desk.com’s case management tools can continuously track the status of cases and set priority levels, this ensures all issues are resolved in order of their importance.

Business Insights
What is really cool about Desk.com is the ability to generate key business performance insights. By clicking on the Business Insights tab, you can generate detailed customer service related reports. The Business Insight’s dashboard helps you make actionable insights on overall business and agent performance. This tool lets you analyze your customer service operation quickly and easily. The data you gather from Business Insights, allows you to track and measure the volume and nature of the tickets your business is receiving. Not only that, you can also monitor individual agent performance. You will gain a greater insight into where your cases are coming from and how your agents are handling the volume.

The beauty of Desk.com is that if you need to upgrade to Service Cloud because you need more customization for your support team, your businesses’ data is synced seamlessly with Salesforce so the transition will be effortless.

Desk.com operates a subscription pricing model and has four pricing structures: starting at $3.00/month and rising to $135/month per agent for the Service Cloud (Enterprise) option. It covers options for a wide range of budgets and requirements and there is a Free Trial available (No Credit Card required).

Bottom Line
Desk.com is a great solution for the SMB sector, particularly those looking for a more basic help desk software option. It has a simple approach to customer support, without missing any key features. It is aesthetically pleasing and easy to use, with plenty of pricing options.

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