dapulse is a simple and colorful way to easily organize your work. It combines project management and communication tools into a single easy-to-use interface. The platform has been designed to facilitate real time collaboration by making all aspects of tasks, owners, due dates, and statuses transparent. Due to this, dapulse gives people the ability to work in a unified manner across different areas, by allowing clear communication with employees from different branches and locations, with no hindrances.


dapulse is built around rows of items called Pulses. Each Pulse can represent anything you like, but usually a project or a specific task. Pulses are stacked into different, customizable sections on each board. These boards can then be organised into areas such as weekly tasks etc. Pulses can be edited accordingly, so if you are unable to complete a specific task, then you can drag it into another stack to be completed at a later date.

Integration and apps
With dapulse you are provided with numerous integration options straight out of the box, such as connecting to Google Drive, Dropbox and Google Calendar. dapulse also supports Zapier, for connecting different services using IFTTT-style rules. If you need to, dapulse also has an API to enable you to build your own tools.

As you would expect, dapulse has apps for iOS, Android, RIM-BlackBerry, and Windows Phone. Like its Web counterpart, the mobile app is extremely smooth and responsive. You can access all of your boards via the mobile versions of the app, and you can do almost anything that you can do from the desktop version in the mobile app as well. The only drawback is you cannot add a status note to individual status columns.

Status columns
Status columns are a very important component of dapulse. As a Pulse progresses, you can select a different block of color and text to reflect the current status. Green is set as the default for completed. You can also select any color and add custom text as well. A great feature of dapulse is the ability to also open a threaded conversation in the corner of each status box, to provide even more context about a particular stage.

dapulse uses a subscription pricing model and offers a free trial, with no credit card details required. The pricing structure is scalable and operates according to the size of your workforce. It starts at a cost of $20 per month with an 18% discount if a yearly subscription plan is taken out, and 32% for a two year package.

Bottom Line
dapulse is ideally for SMB’s and freelancers. It has a beautiful, responsive interface and is really simple to use, and it provides excellent tutorials. However, it is a tad light on collaboration and scheduling tools.

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