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BambooHR is a user friendly Human Resource software solution that lets you proactively manage employee information, rather than just track it with spreadsheets.

BambooHR’s personalised HRIS (human resource information system) provides a way to consolidate all employee and HR related data and manage it with ease. The software can be used to construct a centralized database of employee profiles, which can be accessed by any employee that has previously defined custom access permissions. Each profile is able to store personal information and a photo, as well as data on benefits, salary, time off, documents, and training etc. One really cool feature of BambooHR is these profiles can be edited, so you can add custom fields and record important information that is unique to your company.

Time-Off Management
As your employees can be given customized access to your company’s HRIS, it lets them view and update their information when they need to. A great feature of BambooHR is that the system is designed to let employees request time off, see what their entitlements are, and view the staff calendar to see when other employees have booked time off. For Managers BambooHR is a great solution, which gives them the ability to fully manage their team with ease. Managers can approve time-off requests, and generate custom time off reports, add time off policies and set accrual levels.

Custom Reports/Alerts
BambooHR provides a range of customizable reports, each with the ability to filter, group and sort information from your company’s HRIS.Aside from custom reports, BambooHR also comes with a stack of pre-built ones, such as salary history, age and gender data, and turnover rate etc. Data can also be pulled in from other 3rd party apps such as NimbleSchedule, and Cornerstone Growth Edition. These integrations are really useful because they provide you with a more comprehensive overview of employee data.

BambooHR helps you keep track of all HR activity, not only through reporting, but also via email alerts. Customized email alerts can be sent to any employee regarding any subject; from performance reviews, to insurance expirations.

BambooHR’s integration with other data tools is a really great feature. Take, for instance, the integrated application tracking system (ATS) module. The module can create and publish job openings and record, review and track the status of incoming job applications. More advanced features of the ATS module cover resume commenting, candidate ratings, and cool features such as job postings on social media. BambooHR also has useful standard integrations with the ATS module, such as CATS and HiringThing, and NetSuite’s ERP system. It also integrates well with performance review solutions such as Bullseye Engagement and Small Improvements, and payroll software like TRAXPayroll and Simplepay.ca.

BambooHR uses a subscription pricing model starting at $8 per employee per month, with $99 monthly minimum. The pricing structure is based on the number of employees, with a Free Trial (No Credit Card required) to get you started. For this cost you receive BambooHR’s basic features as well as employee onboarding, employee self service, benefit tracking, advanced custom reports, custom alerts, and 100MB storage per employee.

Bottom Line
BambooHR consolidates employee information from numerous different sources and puts that data into a single, customizable, cloud-based hub. It is easy to use and has an intuitive interface. The software automates common HR workflow and provides dynamic mobile accessibility with support for Android and iOS devices. This gives management the ability to track relevant employee data, no matter where they are. It has support for popular different currencies and is available in six languages.

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