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Download Veusz 3.0.1 GUI Plotting and Graphing Software for PC Windows

Veusz 3.0.1

Von Jeremy Sanders  (Freeware)

Veusz is a GUI scientific plotting and graphing package. It is designed to produce publication-ready Postscript or PDF output. SVG, EMF and bitmap export formats are also supported. The program runs under Unix/Linux, Windows or Mac OS X, and binaries are provided. Data can be read from text, CSV, HDF5 or FITS files. Additionally you can also enter, manipulate or examine data from within the application.

In Veusz plots are created by building up plotting widgets with a consistent object-based interface. The program also provides a command line and scripting interface (based on Python) to its plotting facilities. It can also act as a Python plotting module.

Veusz is written in Python. Its user interface uses PyQt and Numpy is used to manipulate data .


  • Plotting features: X-Y plots (with errorbars, colours and sizes) Line and function plots Contour plots Images (with colour mappings and colorbars) Stepped plots (for histograms) Bar graphs Vector field plots Box plots Polar plots Ternary plots Plotting dates Fitting functions to data Stacked plots and arrays of plots Nested plots Plot keys Plot labels Shapes and arrows on plots LaTeX-like formatting for text Multiple axes Axes with steps in axis scale (broken axes) Axes scales using functional forms, optionally linked to another axis Plotting functions of datasets.
  • Input and output: EPS/PDF/PNG/SVG/EMF export Dataset creation/manipulation Embed Veusz within other programs Text, CSV, HDF5, FITS, NPY/NPZ, QDP, binary and user-plugin importing Data can be captured from external sources Extending: Use as a Python 2/3 module User defined functions, constants and can import external Python functions Plugin interface to allow user to write or load code to import data using new formats make new datasets, optionally linked to existing datasets arbitrarily manipulate the document Scripting interface Control with DBUS and SAMP.

Titel: Veusz 3.0.1 GUI Plotting and Graphing Software for PC Windows
Dateiname: veusz-3.0.1-AppleOSX.dmg
Dateigröße: 27.28MB (28,604,028 Bytes)
Anforderungen: Mac OS X
Sprachen: Mehrere Sprachen
Lizenz: Freeware
Datum hinzugefügt: 23 Juli 2018
Autor: Jeremy Sanders
MD5-Prüfsumme: 42EB3CB50A8A491DB58B1BCC130A1582

Change in build system to use qmake to find Qt locations. This is to fix the build inside Anaconda. Also Qt and sip parameters can now be given as environment variables.
Fix problem when picking points with too many non-finite values.
Change default SVG export DPI to 96 to match inkscape and provide option in dialog to choose export DPI.
Allow %PAGE% and %PAGENAME% in export filename for single page output.
Fix failing fitting due to iminuit differences.
Fix crash if both ends of part of broken axis widget are the same for EMF exporting.
Update to Qt 5.11.1 and update PyQt and sip in Windows binary.
Build Mac and Linux binaries with EMF export.