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Download Numbers 5.0.1

Numbers 5.0.1

Von Apple Inc  (Kommerzieller Test)

Numbers is a gorgeous spreadsheet package that rivals Microsoft's Excel software. As you would expect from Apple, the software is beautifully designed with a clean and crisp interface. For users who are looking for a simpler alternative to Excel, look no further.

Numbers has over 30 templates and over 250 powerful functions, to help you in creating better spreadsheets. You can use Drag and drop to add photos and charts in your spreadsheets. You can create 2D and 3D charts. There is also enhanced Microsoft Excel functionality to assist in importing data from Excel.

Numbers has iCloud integration to assist you in working from your Mac, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and iCloud.com. You can share your work using links to Mail, Messages, Twitter or Facebook. Numbers can be exported using CSV, PDF and Microsoft Excel format.

Titel: Numbers 5.0.1
Dateiname: Numbers
Dateigröße: 187KB (191,004 Bytes)
Anforderungen: Mac OS X
Sprachen: Mehrere Sprachen
Lizenz: Kommerzieller Test
Datum hinzugefügt: 4 Mai 2018
Autor: Apple Inc
MD5-Prüfsumme: 9EB505CEA9A05B049D82BEA829CC9315

This update contains stability and performance improvements.