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Leadertask Daily Planner for Mac is a project and task management tool designed for businesses. It works with windows, Mac, iOS and Android, and is fully functioning offline, so your team can access their tasks wherever and whenever they need to.

Organise employee time more effectively with Leadertask Daily Planner for Mac, making sure deadlines are met and important tasks are not forgotten. Organise your workload into projects, sub-projects, tasks and sub-tasks, assigning to specific team members where needed to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Key features include:

  • Assign tasks to users.
  • Create and manage to-do lists.
  • Add subtasks.
  • Future planning.
  • Add notes to tasks.
  • Hourly schedules.
  • Organize projects.
  • Email-to-task conversion.
  • Attach files.
  • Colour coding.
  • Set reminders.
  • Full-fledged offline mode.

With Leadertask Daily Planner for Mac, you can plan as far ahead as you need to by simply choosing any date on the calendar and adding a task for that day. You can also create tasks that span over a specified time period and create sub-tasks with different due dates. You can add alerts and reminders to specific tasks, and Leadertask Daily Planner will automatically transfer overdue tasks to the current day, so they won't be forgotten once a deadline has passed.

Leadertask Daily Planner for Mac makes it easier to organise your big projects into sub-projects and specific tasks or sub-tasks. You can assign items to specific employees to make sure that everything is taken care of, and tasks don't get forgotten. You can also organise items by colour to easily identify task types.

Overall, Leadertask Daily Planner for Mac is a useful project management tool for businesses and teams. It includes a number of tools to organise your team and simplify your big projects by breaking them down into actionable tasks. It works across multiple devices and is functional offline, so your employees can access their tasks wherever and whenever they need to.

You can find the Windows version of Leadertask Daily Planner here.

LeaderTask Daily Planner for Mac,2018 für Mac
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Tuesday, October 2nd 2018


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