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321Soft Data Recovery for Mac can recover lost, deleted and inaccessible data such as documents, apps, photos, RAW images, PDFs, HTML files, music and HD video files.

The app can recover files on your Mac hard drive and also on USB Flash drives, digital cameras, memory cards, external hard drives, CD/DVD, MP3/MP4 Players and other portable devices. Even if the files were deleted or the device was damaged/formatted, 321Soft Data Recovery for Mac can recover that data (in most cases).

Key Features Include:

  • Wipe Data: Wipes sensitive files or folders from the hard drive or other storage media to make it 'impossible' to retrieve in the future.
  • Quick Scan: The quick scan recovery method scans and searches deleted files and folders fast.
  • Deep Scan: The advanced deep scanning algorithm can locate recoverable files on all kinds of file systems such as HFS+, HFS, EXT2/3, FAT and NTFS.
  • Clone Partition or Drive: The clone feature allows you to clone an entire partition or drive.
  • Support Mac RAID recovery: Comprehensive RAID support.

Soft Data Recovery for Mac has numerous flexible settings that give you control over how the app recovers your data. It has a really easy to use and intuitive wizard interface that even novice users can understand.

321Soft Data Recovery for Mac, für Mac
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Commercial Trial
Wednesday, April 15th 2015



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