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Download WinSysClean X9 System Cleaner for PC Windows

WinSysClean X7

Von Ultimate Systems  (Freeware)

WinSysClean is a system cleaning and tweaking utility that is able to undertake a variety of maintenance tasks on your computer, including registry cleaning.

WinSysClean is able to scan all Windows system files and the Windows system Registry for errors. If it comes across any Windows driver errors or system Registry entries that point to missing drivers, these are automatically fixed by WinSysClean.

Key Features include:

  • Maximize PC performance.
  • Windows tune-up.
  • Protect your privacy.
  • Fix Windows Errors.
  • Clean system Registry.
  • Speed up your PC.
  • Free disk space.

The app is easy use navigate, as it comes with a fairly standard, modern looking user interface. At a quick glance you can view system information, system restore points which have been created, RAM and disk usage, along with the date and time of any incorrect Windows shutdowns. If you search for more features, these can be located in the lower toolbar. From here you can view ‘Edit Windows Startup’, ‘Defragment Hard Drive’, ‘Memory Diagnostic’, ‘Uninstall Programs’, and ‘Repair Internet Explorer Favorites’ etc.

Regarding the Windows system Registry, you can select what items you want to delete, whether that be invalid type library entries, app paths, font entries or shared tools entries, obsolete software entries, or any missing file extension associations.

Apart from the interface, which is adequate, the app is let down somewhat by being fairly heavy on your system resources. When you initialize it, WinSysClean suggests you create a system restore point (not mandatory), which is common practice if you are poking around in the Windows system Registry. As soon as the app has created the restore point, you are free to play around and try to see what changes and improvements you can make.

Overall, WinSysClean is a good solution for cleaning up your computer, however it could do with some tweaking here, including making it more streamlined. There are plenty of other options available on the market fir system cleaning, both free and commercial.

Titel: WinSysClean X9 System Cleaner for PC Windows
Dateiname: wsc_x9_free.exe
Dateigröße: 23.30MB (24,433,776 Bytes)
Anforderungen: Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 10 64-bit
Sprachen: Mehrere Sprachen
Lizenz: Freeware
Datum hinzugefügt: 13 August 2018
Autor: Ultimate Systems
MD5-Prüfsumme: 1F65B153F21365FC222C12B59E130E7F

NEW Added Ad-Block function which blocks over 2300 ad servers. This function is safer than other ad-blockers because this does not intercept traffic, instead it blocks the servers. The ad servers database can be updated online directly from WinSysClean.
NEW Added 474 new app cleaners.
NEW Added Support for Windows 10 Fall Creators Update and April 2018 Update.
NEW Added Support for Google Chrome 57-67.
NEW Added Support for Mozilla Firefox 55-61.
NEW Faster Internal Database Engine.
NEW Safer Multi-thread engine with smoother cleaning operation.
Updated 620 app cleaners.
Updated Database engine with newer version.
Updated UI controls with newer version.
Updated Installer to a newer version with better Windows 10 compatibility.
Improved the the main registry cleaner engine.
Improved the app cleaner engine.
Improved High DPI Scaling in Windows 10.
Improved USB Cleaner support for the latest Windows 10 version.
Improved scan performance.
Improved memory management and allocation.
Improved database loading speed.
Removed 970 obsolete app cleaners for older version applications which are no longer used.
Fixed WinSysClean closing without any error when cleaning was running some computers.
Other minor fixes and improvements.