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Von The Stellarium Dev Team  (Open Source)

Stellarium provides you with accurate data about the night sky, which can be used by professional and amateur astronomers alike. Basically it's a planetarium for your computer. The application shows a realistic sky in 3D; the same as what you'd see with a telescope.

Key features include:

  • Default catalog of over 600,000 stars (extra catalogs with more than 210 million stars).
  • Asterisms and illustrations of the constellations.
  • Constellations for 20+ different cultures.
  • Images of nebulae (full Messier catalog).
  • The planets and their satellites.
  • Very realistic atmosphere, sunrise and sunset.
  • Realistic Milky Way.

Stellarium has a great looking interface that can be accessed by all levels of user. It comes with a powerful zoom feature, time control, fish-eye projection for planetarium domes, extensive keyboard control and telescope control. Stellarium also comes with plugin control, so you can add functions like artificial satellites, ocular simulation, and telescope configuration. You can also add to your database, new solar system objects from online resources.

Looking for the Mac version of Stellarium? Download Here

Titel: Stellarium 32-bit
Dateiname: stellarium-
Dateigröße: 242.08MB (253,837,101 Bytes)
Anforderungen: Windows (Alle Versionen)
Sprachen: Mehrere Sprachen
Lizenz: Open Source
Datum hinzugefügt: 25 März 2019
Autor: The Stellarium Dev Team
MD5-Prüfsumme: 50C383B6E93CDCD6DD12F46386B96C59

Added new type of computation for AstroCalc/Phenomena tool
Added GUI options to change constellations and asterisms font size (GH: #576)
Added new source to star names and added new additional name to kappa Scorpii
Added tool to detect Intel C/C++ compiler in our Logger
Added new method into ConstellationMgr class - getConstellationsEnglishNames() to get English names of all constellations in the selected sky culture [Scripting Engine]
Added new one script ‘Constellations Tour’ to organize the tour around constellations of the loaded sky culture [Scripting Engine]
Added constellation boundaries for Chinese Skyculture (GH: #584)
Added more values to correctly detect MSVC version
Added few scriptable methods into HighlightMgr class to manage highlight points
Added translation support for strings within scripts
Added Chinese medieval sky culture (GH: #604)
Added Alipurduar town (West Bengal; India) to the default locations list (GH: #606)
Added extra check-point for data directory in the StelFileMgr class
Added DSO textures
Added sensor crop overlay to Ocular plugin (GH: #612)
Added tool for allow filetype selection for Screenshots (GH: #623)
Added core.getPlatformName() and core.isMediaPlaybackSupported() methods into scripting engine
Added scripting function isModuleLoaded()
Added graph “Transit altitude vs Time” into AstroCalc/Graphs tool
Added small simplification to scripting through adding master switch by types for grids, lines and points on the sky [Scripting Engine]
Added showing labels for named highlights (GH: #638)
Added allow setting location of User Data Dir via environment variable.
Added scripting graphics tool [Scripting Engine] (GH: #640)
Added LMC and SMC as addition names for Magellanic Clouds
Added classifications support for sky cultures
Added support 2 southern deep sky catalogues (NGC subset; esp. for southern observers)
Added armintxe, paleolithic sky culture and landscape (GH: #628)
Added demo script for martian analemma [Scripting Engine]
Added support sols for setDate() method [Scripting Engine]
Added code, who indicate to hybrid graphics systems to prefer the discrete part by default (GH: #649)
Added support for constellation boundaries thickness (GH: #653)
Added Maya constellations (GH: #635)
Added 2 Babylonian skycultures (GH: #647)
Added display of used (terrestrial) timezone for observation from extraterrestrial locations
Added special case for Satellites plugin: use texture for draw the crossing of the ISS of the Moon or the Sun
Added nightly illumination plus basic description for armintxe landscape
Fixed Ependes Observatory location (GH: #581)
Fixed scaling the distance in AstroCalc
Fixed naming the stars in AstroCalc tool when non-western skyculture is enabled (GH: #577)
Fixed sorting of column Distance in Astronomical Calculations’ Ephemeris tab (GH: #579)
Fixed wrong calculation the FOV of CCD in Oculars plugin
Fixed compile Stellarium without media features
Fixed behaviour of script (The old script ‘Constellations Tour’ was renamed to the ‘Western Constellations Tour’ and updated) [Scripting Engine]
Fixed documents for core.clear() method [Scripting Engine]
Fixed unit tests failure on Windows and some linuxes (GH: #586, #587, #588)
Fixed the user interface problems for lenses in Oculars plug-in (GH: #580)
Fixed copyright years in CREDITS.md file
Fixed checker in the StelFileMgr class (GH: #589)
Fixed macOS User Data Directory in documentation (GH: #593)
Fixed bug report address for .desktop translations
Fixed a typo in Scenery3D plugin (GH: #600)
Fixed selecting LMST, LTST and system_default timezone names
Fixed math error in StelHips (GH: #599)
Fixed a potential memory leak in libtess (GH: #598)
Fixed error for ephemeris calculations time window (GH: #605)
Fixed description data for textures.json
Fixed missed translatable strings in StelSkyCultureMgr class
Fixed CWE-404 issues
Fixed crash when script tried delete already deleted labels (GH: #625)
Fixed zooming behaviour
Fixed time zone issue in AstroCalc/WUT tool
Fixed DSO texture overlay issue (GH: #655)
Fixed FTBFS issue on some linux systems
Fixed bad behaviour time zones in the location panel (GH: #602)
Fixed crash when selecting certain dates in 1 AD for some time zones on Windows (GH: #594)
Fixed default limits for graph “Transit altitude vs Time”
Fixed translation the “Armintxe Cave” string (GH: #657)
Fixed airmass calculation for deep-sky objects
Changed default constellations font size
Changed HiPS behaviour: don’t show tile if it is hidden by children
Changed behaviour of version checker: introduced the additional check for latest version
Changed behaviour of the BottomStelBar::updateText() method (GH: #596)
Updated Reingold and Dershowitz algorithm of DeltaT (New algorithm was taken from the Calendrical Calculations: The Ultimate Edition book)
Updated cmake rules for ICC/ICPC support (Intel C/C++ compilers)
Updated GUI in Oculars plugin
Updated Stellarium User Guide
Updated technical documentation
Updated Amalthea texture
Updated scripts (added i18n support)
Updated scripting API: added format specification for screenshots. (GH: #623)
Updated the code (thanks for PVS-Studio to the finding an issues)
Updated DSO textures
Updated textures of LMC (GH: #632)
Updated nomenclature
Updated jquery and jquery-ui in Remote Control plugin (GH: #620, #621)
Updated scripting engine: MilkyWay saturation scriptable now
Updated scripting engine: expanding the core.clear() method
Updated Satellites plugin: harmonized function name, added a property [Scripting Engine].
Updated KoreanCM.isl file - typofixes (GH: #639)
Updated RemoteSync plugin: suppress unsuitable properties (GH: #642)
Updated AstroCalc/WUT tool: optimizations
Updated AstroCalc/Positions tool: optimizations
Updated AstroCalc/Phenomena tool: optimizations
Updated contact info for plugins
Updated Sterngarten model description
Updated behaviour of the options on Starlore tab
Updated list of extraterrestrial locations
Updated time zones behaviour: make custom time zone use a full property of StelCore
Updated time zones behaviour: preserve custom timezone setting
Updated LocationDialog behaviour: Return to default location resets location list.
Removed a long time abandoned incomplete LogBook plugin
Remove old deprecated methods in scripting engine
Remove languages without translators and with translations lesser than 1%