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Download NetSetMan 4.5.0

NetSetMan 4.5.0

Von NetSetMan GmbH  (Freeware)

NetSetMan is really useful utility that allows you to quickly switch between pre-configured network settings*.

This is great if you travel frequently and connect to different networks. You can capture, modify and apply network settings, depending on which network setup you are connected to.

Key Features include:

  • IP addresses.
  • WiFi management.
  • Computer name.
  • Workgroup.
  • Default printer.
  • Network drives.
  • NIC status.
  • Connections (RAS/DUN/PPP/VPN).
  • DNS suffix.
  • Route table.
  • SMTP server.
  • Hosts File Entries.
  • System settings.
  • MAC address.
  • Scripts (BAT, VS, JS).

NetSetMan removes the need for manual configurations; you simply create different profiles to store your network configuration, and then can switch between them in a few clicks. It allows you to apply different configuration settings for IP address Subnet Mask, Default Gateway, WiFi, Printer, and DNS servers.

*Unfortunately, the free version is limited to 6 network profiles.

Titel: NetSetMan 4.5.0
Dateiname: netsetman_setup_450.exe
Dateigröße: 4.30MB (4,505,800 Bytes)
Anforderungen: Windows (Alle Versionen)
Sprachen: Mehrere Sprachen
Lizenz: Freeware
Datum hinzugefügt: 15 August 2017
Autor: NetSetMan GmbH
MD5-Prüfsumme: FC89E9737F7212B1952F8FF144A322BB

NEW Tool: Network Scanner.
Scan networks by IP range (IPv4 & IPv6), subnet (CIDR), ARP & NDP cache.
Get details like name, MAC, domain/workgroup, OS, network shares, etc.
Multi threading for scanning large numbers of IPs simultaneously.
Highly compatible and flexible by using new and old protocols.
Copy details, open targets, export results, send Wake-On-LAN.
Favorites list for customizing frequently used targets.
Detailed information of network printers (shared or directly connected).
Real-time search filter for all results.
Fix: Some setup parameters have been ignored.
Fix: Minimizing application didn't save profile changes.
Fix: Pressing ENTER in IP fields resulted in an error message.
Fix: High-DPI problems (query dialogs, Auto Switch menu items click area).
Fix: Firefox Proxy is now also available for user-specific installations.
Fix: Auto-run in Preferences dialog not showing its state correctly.
Fix: Multiple memory leaks.
Tool "Adapters Details" is now sorted by type and name.
Lots of minor fixes and adjustments.