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Von Ventis Media  (Freeware)

MediaMonkey is a music manager and player in one. It catalogues all your CDs and audio files and gives you a multitude of options or manage and organise your collection. If you're serious about music, you'll love MediaMonkey.

With MediaMonkey, you can organise thousands of files, from music and audiobooks, to movies and video. It gives you great flexibility in how you organise and listen to your music and multimedia files. With comprehensive tagging abilities, you can organise your music your way, without restriction.

Key features include:

  • Manage and play your music.
  • Automatically identify missing information.
  • Tag music.
  • Update and correct track information.
  • Automatic renaming and organisation.
  • Create playlists.
  • Drag and drop functionality.
  • Automatic library updates.
  • Download music and podcasts.
  • Sync and backup devices.
  • Volume levelling.
  • Wireless sync.
  • Share files over UPnP and DLNA devices.
  • Rip and burn audio CDs.
  • File converter.
  • Audio visualizer.
  • Reports and statistics.
  • Custom skins and visualisations.
  • Download or create your own add-ons.
  • Jukebox mode for parties and events.

MediaMonkey is the ultimate tool to organise your music collection. With the ability to add and edit album art, lyrics, and other metadata, you can unlock a whole new way to intuitively create playlists based on tag data. Missing data? Don't panic, MediaMonkey even gives you the ability to automatically lookup and add information to your files.

There are a heap of add-ons and custom skins available to download so you can customise the MediaMonkey player to your tastes. You'll also find a great selection of add-on visualisers, and even the ability to create your own.

Overall, MediaMonkey is a brilliant music manager and player. It's perfect for anyone serious about music and gives you a great range of tools to manage your collection.

Titel: MediaMonkey
Dateiname: MediaMonkey_4.1.16.1836.exe
Dateigröße: 15.54MB (16,290,784 Bytes)
Anforderungen: Windows (Alle Versionen)
Sprachen: Mehrere Sprachen
Lizenz: Freeware
Datum hinzugefügt: 23 Mai 2017
Autor: Ventis Media
MD5-Prüfsumme: 6FC300CD837C1A58B671C67E0854A385

Audio Codec FOURCC A52 is associated with AC3 correctly.
Certain auto-convert rules are trying convert FLAC > OGG as video and hangs.
Character encoding with foreign characters in Podcast (Regression).
Codec Missing: Add encv/enca to DRM protected codecs and show apprpriate dialog.
DLNA: Active IP should be shown even Automatic Server IP is selected.
DROP TABLE _TempPlaylistContent_392_Th_2068": database schema has changed (6,6).
FMFS: Playlist should be moved on the end of Contekst menu.
Incomplete (corrupted) DB can remain if MM is killed while DB optimization.
iPod Nano 7G: MP4 video is reported as unsupported.
iPod Video 5G models shows artwork only for the first track on an album.
iTunes Data Import doesn't work (for non-default iTunes config).
MediaMonkey crashes on attempt to play some URL links (AV in in_wmp3.dll).
MM server browsing fails using some specific DLNA clients.
MM server disappears & re-appears in Windows Explorer (after Windows 10 Creators update).
MMW syncs with deprecated paths over USB.
Non iOS iPod detected as requiring iTunes to be installed.
Pause still updates Last Played.
Playback: Track cut off if bookmarking is enabled.
Podcast: Podcast subscription and download SSL return connection error.
Possible deadlock while scanning tracks to library.
RIP: Ripping Dialog do not check if Destination drive letter is accessible.
Sending non-library tracks to iPod results in duplicates.
Some MKV tags are not read as expected.
Some users cannot install/start MM as service until they edit Local Policy settings.
Sort by actor in Auto-playlist throws SQL error.
Sync: Album Art isn't updated when album is named.
Sync: Multiple Audio streams force conversion.
Tagging: Tagging Files with large Album Art can freeze MMW and Whole System.
Temp Folder: Clicking OK if temp folder is empty throw Crash report.
UPnP: Playback anomalies when 'Continuous' is enabled in MMW.
WMA: Some files crashes MMW when Burn is initiated.