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Download Hardwipe 5.2.1 64-bit edition Data Wiping Tool for PC Windows

Hardwipe 64-bit Edition 5.2.1

Von Big Angry Dog Ltd  (Freeware)

Hardwipe is a free data wiping tool that can be used by anyone needing to ensure that discarded, but sensitive, information can never be recovered by someone else.

Hardwipe provides a slick user interface with optional support for 'right-click' context menus in Windows File Explorer. Use Hardwipe to conveniently and permanently erase/hard wipe data on various hard disks and portable storage media. It can conveniently destroy files and folder contents on-demand, erase drives and USB media, and clean the Windows Recycle Bin.

Key features* include:

  • Secure data erasing.
  • Pause and speed (CPU priority) options.
  • Context menu integration.
  • Recycle Bin and Disk Free Space wiping options.
  • Online support.

Hardwipe gives you the freedom to securely erase the following: Physical Devices, Logical Volumes, Files/Folders, Recycle Bins, Free Drive Space and Windows Page-file. Hardwipe also offers read-back verification, report logs, and supports all major cleaning schemes, including: GOST R 50739-95, DOD 5220.22-M, Schneier and Gutmann.

*Hardwipe is free for non-commercial use, although some advanced features require a paid upgrade.

Titel: Hardwipe 5.2.1 64-bit edition Data Wiping Tool for PC Windows
Dateiname: hwipe_setup.msi
Dateigröße: 9.67MB (10,141,696 Bytes)
Anforderungen: Windows (Alle Versionen)
Sprachen: Mehrere Sprachen
Lizenz: Freeware
Datum hinzugefügt: 26 Februar 2018
Autor: Big Angry Dog Ltd
MD5-Prüfsumme: 6549C84755BE861B25DA8AD9ECBFB02E

Bug Fix: Hardwipe Commander did not display some non-Latin characters properly.
Bug Fix: Hardwipe Commander did not handle wild-card characters properly if not directory was specified.