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Myspace data loss: The reaction to former social media giant losing 12 years of content
Tom Gainey Tom Gainey
9 hours
One of the first online social networks has this month apologised to users, following a huge loss of data. Myspace, founded in 2003, may have seen its popularity wane in recent times. However, seemingly much to the surprise of many, it’s still going and has recently been big news! If you still are an avid Mysparead more
World Wide Web inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee urges us to build a better web
Tom Gainey Tom Gainey
4 days
This month marks 30 years since the creation of the web, prompting the man behind it to share his thoughts. The World Wide Web’s founder and inventor, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, has written an open letter to mark the occasion. Translated into four languages, '30 years on, what’s next #ForTheWeb?’ has covered manyread more
The Best Screen Recording Software for Windows
Tom Gainey Tom Gainey
6 days
Are you looking for a top-class way to capture your computing activities in video or photo form? If so, you’ve come to the right place… Screen recording software is more popular now than ever before. Also, it has become easier to use and acquire too! Several platforms will have built-in tools for screen capturread more
Updates causing issues for Windows 10 users now automatically uninstalled
Tom Gainey Tom Gainey
1 week
Admit it, you’ve once thought twice before installing an update for fear of an almighty crash, right? Well, if you have, you’ll be delighted to know that Windows 10 now automatically uninstalls any updates which may cause problems! Microsoft revealed on Monday March 11, a day before this month’s ‘Patchread more
Latest 'Tim Apple' twist as Donald Trump takes to Twitter to explain
Tom Gainey Tom Gainey
2 weeks
It’s the ‘mistake’ everybody has been talking about so far this month. Plus, it seems, the story that keeps on giving… So, during an advisory meeting at the White House, US President Donald Trump appeared to call Apple CEO, Tim Cook, “Tim Apple”. Mr Cook, whose name appeared on a card right in fronread more
How to do your Taxes at Home
Tom Gainey Tom Gainey
2 weeks
Cracking on with your taxes can often be a daunting task. But there is no reason why it should be, especially thanks to top software! In this article FileHippo will talk you through how you can do your taxes at home. It doesn’t matter if you’re based in the UK or US, filing your own tax return is a rewarding read more
Why you need to update Google Chrome
Tom Gainey Tom Gainey
2 weeks
Users of one of the world’s most popular browsers are being urged to act, following a recent security alert. An announcement has been made warning people to update Google Chrome on their desktops right away. It comes after Google realised a ‘major security flaw is being exploited by hackers’, report The Mirread more
Expensive Chat launched as a 'social experiment'
Tom Gainey Tom Gainey
3 weeks
A new internet chat service has been launched, but there’s an interesting twist. Expensive Chat, launched by entrepreneur Marc Köhlbrugge, will charge you a cent for every character you use. On the face of it, you wouldn’t think that it would really catch on. Though, rather surprisingly, scores of people read more
Tech inspiration at Microsoft Ignite | The Tour London
Tom Gainey Tom Gainey
3 weeks
An annual conference for developers and IT professionals took place in London last week, highlighting an exciting future for the tech industry. Microsoft Ignite The Tour has taken place in several locations all around the world, including the US, Asia and Europe. On the Tuesday and Wednesday of last week it was tread more