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Pobierz Zoom Player Home FREE 8.6 Beta 4

Zoom Player Home 8.6 Beta 4

Od Inmatrix  (Shareware)
Ocena Użytkowników
Zoom Player to bardzo szybki odtwarzacz plików multimedialnych. Przed udostępnieniem programu Zoom Player, odtwarzanie plików multimedialnych na komputerze było zbyt proste dla zaawansowanego użytkownika lub zbyt skomplikowane dla zwykłego użytkownika. Program Zoom Player próbuje uprościć odtwarzanie plików dla zwykłego użytkownika i udostępnić zaawansowanym użytkownikom narzędzia oraz interfejsy do manipulacji środowiskiem odtwarzania, w celu dostosowania go do indywidualnych potrzeb.

Dlatego program Zoom Player zawiera elegancki i prosty interfejs z łatwo dostępnymi funkcjami i zapewnia możliwość zaawansowanej modyfikacji każdej z nich

Program Zoom Player szybko się uruchamia, używa minimalnej ilości zasobów systemu, posiada skuteczny system pomocy i działa niezależnie od innych programów i komponentów systemu, aby nie naruszyć jego stabilności.

Zoom Player Standard jest darmowy dla użytku niekomercyjnego.

Tytuł: Zoom Player Home FREE 8.6 Beta 4
Nazwa pliku: zp860b4free.exe
Rozmiar: 7.85MB (8,228,216 bajtów)
Wymagania: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / Windows 7 / XP 64-bit / Vista 64-bit / Windows 7 64-bit / Windows 8 / Windows 8 64-bit / Windows 10 / Windows 10 64-bit
Języki: Wielojęzykowy
Licencja: Shareware
Data dodania: 11 grudnia 2012
Autor: Inmatrix
Strona domowa: www.inmatrix.com
Suma kontrolna MD5: E56836C435B4373305657D2C0624B706

# New :
* The default fullscreen navigation style has been replaced with the new "Slate" design. A lot of work was invested in making the new design much more visually polished than the previous "Drapes" design.
* New Slate style background images for the DVD and Media modes.
* Support for MadVR Color Controls.
* The color control, adjust image and the image blanking fullscreen navigation interfaces now uses the more intuitive input mode previously demonstrated in the Equalizer fullscreen navigation interface.
* Clicking on media file icons within the file browsing, media library and playlist fullscreen navigation interfaces now selects and unselects the clicked entry.
* New Setting (Adv. Options / Interface / Fullscreen Navigation) allowing you to select the navigation scrolling mode when using the keyboard or remote devices.
- Always Centered: This is the default from v8.5 and earlier. When scrolling, the selected item always remains in the screen-center.
- Middle Centered: When scrolling, the selected item remains in the screen-center except for the top and bottom of the list.
- Windows Default: When scrolling, the selected item can reach the bottom or top of the screen before any scrolling is performed.
* New Settings (Adv. Options / Interface / Display) that controls whether the right-click context menu is skinned or if Windows should draw the context menu.
* New Smart Play profile for the FRAPS raw video capture format.
* New "Select Audio", "Select Video" and "Uncheck Selected" buttons on the basic options dialog's file association page.
* New "HoverColor" navigation skin script parameter that specifies the font color used for the currently highlighted line in the fullscreen navigation interfaces.
* New "WindowWidth" and "WindowHeight" fullscreen navigation skin parameters that specify the relative width and height of the adjust image and image blanking fullscreen navigation interfaces.
* The ".TSP" file extension was missing under the 'video' section in file browsing interfaces. You need to press the "Default" button in the options dialog (Adv. Options / File Format Association / File Extensions).
# Changes :
* The 'Adjust Image' and 'Image Blanking' fullscreen navigation interfaces are now placed in a better default on-screen position. You can restore the previous position by modifying the 'Screen Position' and 'Navigation Side Margins' values under: Adv. Options / Interface / Fullscreen Navigation
* The Create Contact Sheet feature is now much faster and more reliable.
* The code used to get a media's duration and properties has been enhanced.
* Smart Play now strips the '.part' file extension when evaluating which source filter to use. This change should improve playback stability of incomplete downloading media files (eMule, Firefox and others may use the '.part' file extension).
* The keyboard fullscreen navigation interface used in such features as the "rename" function now uses a clearer distinction between the actively selected button and the "shift" states.
# Fixes :
* The FREE version was not supposed to support Audio Visualizations, but a bug allowed you to enable support which resulted in a 'list index out of bounds' error.
* The uTorrent file tracking feature that lets you see the download progress of torrent files in the file browser and media library fullscreen navigation interfaces did not display the download progress if uTorrent appended the '.!ut' file extension while downloading.
* The skinned context-menu would show sub-menus off-screen under certain spacing conditions.
* Pressing "ALT" while using the skinned right-click context menu now closes the menu (similar to standard windows context menus).
* The "Remember Window State on Exit (fullscreen / width / height)" setting did not save/restore the window's Maximized state and position.
* The "Center user interface when exiting Fullscreen / Zoom mode" did not take affect when using the F2 keyboard macro to exit fullscreen mode directly into audio mode.
* When using MadVR as the video renderer and overriding the pop-up action OSD to disable skinning and enabling the transparent background option, the pop-up action OSD's background did not become transparent.
* Audio files with ID3v2.4 tags encoded as UTF8 did not display TAG info.
* The Audio Visualization feature did not work correctly with some Sonique visualization plugins.
* The "DefaultSettings.exe" application was not able reset Zoom Player to it's default settings under some circumstances.
* If the "Override the active skin's Action OSD display" was unchecked and the "Transparent Background" setting was checked, the Skinned OSD actions would lose transparency.
* The scroll bar did not work on the Main fullscreen navigation interface's "Function" page.
* The Playlist fullscreen navigation interface's "Search" page was not accepting any mouse input.
* The scroll bar did not work on the "Adjust Image" fullscreen navigation interface's "Aspect Ratio" page.

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