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The following bugs have been fixed:

* A TCP stream would not always be recognized as the same stream. (Bug 2907)
* Wireshark Crashing by pressing 2 Buttons. (Bug 4645)
* A crash can occur in the NTLMSSP dissector. (Bug 5157)
* The column texts from a Lua dissector could be mangled. (Bug 5326) (Bug 5630)
* Corrections to ANSI MAP ASN.1 specifications. (Bug 5584)
* When searching in packet bytes, the field and bytes are not immediately shown. (Bug 5585)
* Malformed Packet: ULP reported when dissecting ULP SessionID PDU. (Bug 5593)
* Wrong IEI in container of decode_gtp_mm_cntxt. (Bug 5598)
* Display filter does not work for expressions of type BASE_DEC, BASE_DEC_HEX and BASE_HEX_DEC. (Bug 5606)
* NTLMSSP dissector may fail to compile due to space embedded in C comment delimiters. (Bug 5614)
* Allow for name resolution of link-scope and multicast IPv6 addresses from local host file. (Bug 5615)
* DHCPv6 dissector formats DUID_LLT time incorrectly. (Bug 5627)
* Allow for IEEE 802.3bc-2009 style PoE TLVs. (Bug 5639)
* Various fixes to the HIP packet dissector. (Bug 5646)
* Display "Day of Year" for January 1 as 1, not 0. (Bug 5653)
* Accommodate the CMake build on Ubuntu 10.10. (Bug 5665)
* E.212 MCC 260 Poland update according to local national regulatory. (Bug 5668)
* IPP on ports other than 631 not recognized. (Bug 5677)
* Potential access violation when writing to LANalyzer files. (Bug 5698)
* IEEE 802.15.4 Superframe Specification - Final CAP Slot always 0. (Bug 5700)
* Peer SRC and DST AS numbers are swapped for cflow. (Bug 5702)
* dumpcap: -q option behavior doesn't match documentation. (Bug 5716)

* Updated Protocol Support
- ANSI MAP, BitTorrent, DCM, DHCPv6, DTAP, DTPT, E.212, GSM Management, GTP, HIP, IEEE 802.15.4, IPP, LDAP, LLDP, Netflow, NTLMSSP, P_Mul, Quake, Skinny, SMB, SNMP, ULP

* New and Updated Capture File Support
- LANalyzer, Nokia DCT3, Pcap-ng

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