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VirtualDJ 8.0 build 2117

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Od Atomix Productions  (Freeware)

- Improve performance of browsing big folders with cdg+mp3 karaoke files
- SSE2 audio optimizations for mac
- Fix keepSortOrder no
- Fix drag&drop from one sideview list to another
- Fix headphonesfader and auto-pfl not working together
- Fix crash when manually entering a too large deck number in controller deck selection
- Fix some speedup glitch at the end of motorscratchlocktime in some cases with motorized platters
- Fix custom sort order for top filter folders
- Fix reload tags not updating title/artist when previously read from filename
- Fix jump when disabling/re-enabling timecode in relative mode
- Fix split recording for more than 100 splits
- Add Scroll option to Text plugin
- Add Font selection to Text plugin