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Od 2BrightSparks  (Freeware)

# Updated:
- Can copy multiple profiles in one step
- Improvement in program startup time
- Progress was not showing correctly if copying over 2TB
- Cannot use single Zip compression with SyncBack Touch or MTP when they are the source
- Correctly records error if trying to change date and time or attributes of multi-zip files on Touch or MTP
- Was not skipping junction points on Touch when it should and also was not skipping recursive junction points
- Silent fail when using Touch was stopping profile from running even if Touch could be connected to
- Uploads of small files to Google Drive now set MIME type
- When there are a large number of source files then may think there is a destination file when there is not and comparing NTFS security
- Some directory options were not available when using cloud (not applicable to S3 or Azure)
- Amazon Cloud Drive may fail with folders with spaces in their name
- Fails when Office 365 folder contains over 200 items
- Uploading single Zip file when using Google Drive left behind previous Zip file