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Paint.NET 4.0 Beta 3

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- Rotation (Move, Shapes) now allows you to use the right mouse button to rotate, no matter where the mouse cursor is
- The hit-zone for rotation no longer extends inside the object's (e.g. selection, shape) bounding box
- New languages: Hungarian, Lithuanian
- Fixed some mouse input glitches when using Paint.NET inside of VMWare
- Fixed all sorts of issues with Paste
- Fixed blending modes sometimes getting saved incorrectly
- Fixed an infinite loop with the crash dialog handling
- Fixed constrained rotation (e.g. Move, Shapes) using a relative instead of absolute offset
- Fixed a rendering issue with the Move Selected Pixels tool caused by a flawed implementation of coverage sampling
- Fixed an issue in the Magic Wand and Paint Bucket tools when using a Tolerance value of 0 whereby it would sometimes include colors that weren't exactly the same as what you clicked on
- Fixed a crash when using horizontal scroll wheels
- Fixed the Settings dialog showing the wrong language
- Fixed the increment for Pan/Zoom in the Rotate/Zoom dialog (it was 1.0, it is now 0.01)
- Fixed the Rotate/Zoom dialog not always reloading the values that were used previously
- Fixed the Pixel Grid indicators (View menu, toolbar) being out of sync
- Fixed various plugin compatibility issues
- Fixed various crashes

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