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LibreOffice 4.1.0 RC 3

Od LibreOffice.org  (Open Source)
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# Bugs fixed:
* SwFormatClipboard: fix undo of paragraph attributes
* fix issue with negative seeks in win32 shell extension
* Adapt UNO services to new-style
* FILESAVE: [REGRESSION] After saving a drawing all formcontrol settings are not saved - reverts to default after reloading
* EDITING: Auto-Filter removes brackets in Queries - Filter doesen't work in correlated Subqueries
* UNDO Format Paintbrush incomplete
* PIVOTTABLE: Does not filter on page field
* autosniffing of ODB content type broken
* FILESAVE: Versioning – "Always save a version on closing" doesn’t work
* FILESAVE doesn't retain font settings of style: after save (as) and again opening of presentation, font is changed
* Zotero extension does not install in 4.1
* FILEOPEN: HTML import crash
* deb file conflict libkdebe1lo.so in libobasis4.1-core01 and in libobasis4.1-kde-integration
* 4.1RC1 App Icon of LibreOffice is a default App Icon
* EDITING: Writer crashes after adding words to the user-dictionary
* FORMATTING: Hyphenation is not working
* LibreOffice 410rc1 start time regression vs. 3.6.6/4.0.4
* Report Builder crashes Base
* REPORTBUILDER - report design wizard does not start on click (missing libjava_uno.jnilib symlink)
* BASIC Clipboard API has lost functionality
* FORMATTING: Distorsion in Fontwork borders
* Other: Macro controlled Python Mailmerge broken
* PDF: Wrong PDF export in Windows Japanese environment though it only uses English fonts
* util::DateTime cannot represent XML-Schema P2 dateTime
* Windows 8 Selecting text and copying to system clipboard causes application crash.