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LibreOffice 4.1.0 RC 2

Od LibreOffice.org  (Open Source)
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# Bugs fixed:
* revert "(PPT) Fix font size at end of para."
* added unit test for
* RTF import: ignore styles without a type
* RTF import of fFilled shape property
* remove pinstripe background from LibO dialogues
* Increase maximum token size in formula expression
* FORMATTING: Autofit doesn't work properly on long texts
* Image in .docx file not shown
* FORMCONTROLS: transparent form controls (Check Boxes and Option Buttons) disappear
* FILEOPEN: Faulty import of docx file which contains a simple drawing
* EDITING: Crash after undo'ing multiple steps
* EDITING FILESAVE Setting primary key was silently ignored
* Drawing error in the indent markers for the new rulers on MacOS X
* automatic styles with RSIDs created by enhanced document compare feature destroy font kerning
* Mailmerge: Attachment with foreign chars in filename produces incorrect MIME headers
* FILEOPEN particular .xlsx shows cell border lines with wrong FORMATTING (too thick)
* Checkboxes in LibreOffice Writer documents disappear
* EDITING: Selecting words in very large documents needs too much time
* Failure to start on newfangled Linuxes because ucpgvfs1.uno.so fails to load
* ACCESSIBILITY: [a11y] Java SE JRE 1.7 Java Accessibility API not fully supporting LibreOffice UNO Accessibility API via JAB bridge
* VIEWING: Text Amination or Text in calc when open file xlsx is no center view
* transparent form Controls disappear when selecting
* EDITING: Installing or deleting fonts with Writer open results in bizarre document layout
* FILEOPEN LibO 3572 .ods: CONDITIONAL FORMATTING without style type, UI Localization related
* LibreOffice doesn't remember the setting "Hierarchy" of the Styles and Formatting dialog
* Copying of diagram: categories and y axis interchanged in Calc
* FORMATTING: Crash when loading Line Styles
* Conditional formatting lost after paste special of text, numbers and dates.
* FORMATTING: Closing autoformat for bold/underline character doesn't end autoformatting
* Update Dutch dictionary to OpenTaal2.10
* Cannot scroll horizontally using trackpad
* Vertical ruler is unreadable
* Form controls disappear if top of page displayed
* Missing entry to translate (report wizard)
* Image Export as EPS from Spreadsheet Broken
* segmentation fault in XComponentLoader::loadComponentFromURL due to libvisio/libraptor/libxml2 interaction
* CONDITIONAL FORMATTING [Icon set] localization setting for decimal separator is ignored [Markus Mohrhard]
* strikethrough displays too high, like overline
* legacy report based on table with sort: data not populated
* Presentation document (ppt) opens incorrectly, wrong height of rectangle
* Too big font when editing presentation
* Element Dock: empty Symbol window
* FILESAVE Can not save a modified document with backups enabled
* Huge Dialog Boxes
* load numbered list instead of the correct bullet list
* Unstable right aligned footnote numbering
* %MACROLANG shown in dialog
* MAILMERGE - hang in step 5 of mailmerge wizard "adjust layout"
* Impress crashes on files with embedded SVG
* UI:Enable presenter console option overlaps compatibility title
* Paste Special - Shift Cell misbehaviour
* EDITING Changing height of shape via dialog does not work
* UI: List Custom document properties collapses after first property (properties are placed on the same position)
* drop caps preview grows constantly
* [writer] Rotating gifs resulsts in a read error.
* build fails ...
* Dutch spell checking does not work, other languages work doubtfull
* Other: Installing LO raises multiple EntityRef errors on /usr/share/mime/packages/libreoffice4.1.xml
* l10ntools: parser is confused by leading \\\"
* FORMATTING of value-related color does not work with calculated values
* FILEOPEN: [Writer] lowriter crashed when trying to open .docx file
* UI dialogs File Save confirmation / File > Properties / Paste special extreem wide with long file names/paths
* CRASH while exporting to PDF using Helvetica font with Latin characters other than Basic Latin Unicode Block
* LIKE gives error when used in a Join criterion
* IDE object catalog latency on big libraries
* FILEOPEN: WW8 export: spurious blank lines added below hyperlinks
* forms: ListBox BoundColumn==0 resets to 1 after save/load
* LibreLogo: HEADING is not clockwise
* JDBC: cannot fill column of type TIME
* FILESAVE - Cell with formula lost formatting on save to xls
* EDITING format in formatted field of a form in Base is broken
* "Edit - Changes - Protect Records" can't be activated
* crashes when loading multiple images from HTTP links
* FORMATTING: Bad rendering line spacing under Core Text
* UI: Clicking OK on Tools>AutoCorrect options>Exceptions window ends in infinite loop
* FILEOPEN: visio 2013 document not opening.
* Queries based on linked tables not editable
* VIEWING: Position of "Choose..." button is wrong in Insert Footnote/Endnote dialog (Japanese)
* FORMATTING: Rendering date format not correct for xls file in 4.1 LO
* EDITING: Coping a chart will make Calc crash.
* Table with slash in name, not show data in table data view
* Crash when editing a drawing object anchored to header paragraph
* Inserting Special Character does not revert font to current paragraph font
* Inserting and editing of objects from the gallery mostly fails
* The LO with the german user interface crashes if calling help (F1) and searching for some text