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# Bugs fixed:
* 'Save as' doesn't update global auto-recovery state
* artifacts in hole of polypolygon shape
* Writer crashes when trying to delete cell from a table
* [fix available] Usability - libreoffice does not search XDG defined "Templates" directory
* message box fonts corrupted in libreoffice
* don't clear XATTR_FILL* from stylesheet if...
* a11y queries during dispose trigger listbox crashes
* [kde][gtk3] Mouse wheel doesn't work in an LibreOffice application after upgrade from FC23 to FC24 with GDK_CORE_DEVICE_EVENTS=1 and auto-activation on mouse-over
* Impress: Instead of showing "Slide Master" view, "Normal" view is shown
* Undo crashes spreadsheet after trigger macro
* background bitmap image disappeared when I copy slide and paste in same odp and different odp file
* wrong cell format in LO 5.1 compared to 4.4
* wrong password passed to xpdfimport
* don't show duplicate index keys in dropdown list
* ww6 plcf generation reversed check
* disallow Paste when entire sheet is selected
* disallow Fill and Random when entire sheet is selected
* RTF export: fix implicit font name of non-ascii text
* do not resolve system locale when queried, related
* 'Manual Column Break' always visible...
* cannot search in cell notes
* GSoC firebird metadata functions
* sifr icon update
* fftester: throw on empty stack access
* writer: treat single-column break as page break
* RTF import: fix handling of invalid \levelnumbers
* the dreaded 1945-04-02 Double DST, also
* wrong password passed to xpdfimport
* GSoC adapt struct tm correctly
* masses of MessBoxes not being disposed promptly
* make menu accelerators always work even if...
* printing controls uses wrong font and font sizes
* don't load font history if option is disabled
* MM just allow print as single document
* improve minute/month disambiguation
* orig lcl_ChkUnoCrsrPaM had reversed 'set' to lcl_ChkPaM
* 'Save as' doesn't update global auto-recovery state
* effects page didn't link labels to what they labelled
* include template image to make it available in help
* printing controls uses wrong font and font sizes
* restore pre 5-1 values for INS_INSROWS and INS_INSCOLS
* fix crash in diamond shape transition
* updated core
* no transparency support on using original jpg data path
* follow up : remove unused arguments from stack
* MM Wizard should not leave MM toolbar visible when canceled
* docx export page-break only inside a paragraph
* docx enable docprotection only when enforced
* updated core
* the dreaded 1945-04-02 Double DST, also
* prefer notation priority in detecting range/address
* example_pt-BR.xml for classification
* tolerence in contour editor doesn't work
* last 'section' of date field not incremented
* SetMatColsRows() when constructing matrix ScFormulaCell
* sfx2 classification: never replace the control with label
* include palette in checksum
* update bullet of paragraph on UNDO
* propagate error with VAR and STDEV functions.
* crash on loading specific docx
* paragraph styles drop-down list
* crash during pagination of particular docx
* add more nullptr checks
* no transparency support on using original jpg data path
* exception during vcl painting -> std::terminate
* restore Tango currency-neutral icon
* no range based for loop when container is modified
* editeng spellchecking doesn't work sometimes...
* opencl impls. that use SEH are still bad.
* artifacts in hole of polypolygon shape
* yes/no doesn't clear bg
* draw antialiased line just for polygon outline
* add new Portuguese AutoCorrect entries
* fix XOR rendering
* atk needs a value for accessible-table-column-header
* allow java update version number > 99
* crash on deleting certain table row
* drop OpenCL details from the 'Detailed Calculation Settings' dialog
* svg/insert, avoid infinite recursive loop when referencing oneself
* drag-create creates an unfilled shape...
* add Hungarian example xml for classification
* improve minute/month disambiguation
* break the Excel rule for YMD and DMY, follow-up
* line wrap very long checkbox content
* revert "fix paint table border in DOUBLE_THIN style"
* errors are not strings
* cannot click/edit text inside a frame
* crash on deleted SdrObject
* no range based for loop when container is modified
* getBookmarksCount includes more than aTableBookmarks
* don't try to get SharePoint folder outside of allowed range

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