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KODI  17.0 Beta 3

Od Kodi  (Open Source)
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# Fixes :
* Fix album rating which should show as 0-10 compared to 0-5 before
* Add ability to JSON-RPC to return user ratings
* Fix mouse focus offset on buttons in EPG window
* Check on selected fanart pack in Estuary
* Fix WAV playback on Windows
* Add proper screen scale for latest iOS devices
* Add time button on PVR information dialog
* Fix certain bugs and improve RenderCpature which is use for Boblight
* Fix unloading of EPG data on exiting the application
* Fix on handling CUE sheet
* Add some additional music roles in the Music sections
* Fix possible deadlock on using PVR as startup window
* Don’t use hyphens in front of temperature as they might make it seem as negative temperature
* Exclude singles in recently played albums
* Show text during migrations tasks like database and add-ons upgrade
* Fix PVR not working after using the login screen
* Improve handling of event where displayed changed on Windows which could cause a crash
* Add possibility to get information from both .nfo and scraper
* Fix packaging of binary add-ons on Android builds
* Fix video playback on older Mac Mini devices
* Workaround amlogic passthrough on devices running Android 5
* Fix fontsetting on switching skins
* Fix ghost timers on certain PVR clients
* Fix DVD menu playback and audio
* Fix crashing on OSX with playing DVDs
* Require a click on slider before you can change it. Click again to accept the change and continue navigation
* Variety of fixes to video playback
* Various skin fixes and changes

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