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* Functioning of the System Watcher component has been improved: protection against cryptors has been implemented. Kaspersky Anti-Virus creates Backup copies of files before they are encrypted by a malicious cryptor. This allows restoring these files from their Backup copies. Backup copies of files are stored in the system folder for temporary files (Temp). Certain limitations apply to this functionality
* The latest versions of popular web browsers are now supported: protection components (such as Kaspersky URL Advisor) support Mozilla™ Firefox™ 29.x, 30.x, 31.x, Internet Explorer® 11, Google Chrome™ 36.x
* An option to switch to Kaspersky Total Security has been added.
* Application performance has been improved and computer resource consumption has been optimized.
* Less time is required to start the application.
* Support for Windows® 8.1 Update has been added.
* The application upgrade process has been improved.
* The size of the application distribution package has been reduced.