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* Improved GUI loading speed for other than en-us languages.
* Improved license renewal behavior.
* Improved functionality for all grid columns (auto-width, sorting).
* Improved Behavior Blocker logging for application rules.
* Improved behavior for Alert windows: no focused default button to avoid accidental confirmations.
* Improved functionality for the Quarantine submission form (added ‘Back’ button’).
* Improved column header sort indicators for all grids.
* Improved functionality for detections from scan results: manual addition to the white list as ‘file’.
* Improved “Add file” button on quarantine page now allows to add multiple files.
* Improved stability and GUI enhancements.
* Fixed a possible memory corruption.
* Fixed an issue causing an ‘SQLLite 5′ error.
* Fixed an issue with multiple confirmations in the factory defaults feature.