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Pobierz Digsby Beta (build 75)

Digsby Beta (build 75)

Od dotSyntax  (Freeware)
Ocena Użytkowników

Digsby to łatwy w użyciu program, zapewniający jednocześnie dostęp do wiadomości błyskawicznych, poczty e-mail i sieci społecznych.

Wiadomości błyskawiczne - Digsby to komunikator pozwalający na rozmowę z przyjaciółmi w sieciach AIM, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, Google Talk i Jabber przy użyciu prostej w obsłudze listy przyjaciół.

Powiadamianie o poczcie e-mail - Digsby to narzędzie powiadamiające o nowej poczcie e-mail, pozwalające na wykonanie za jednym kliknięciem różnych operacji, takich jak "Usuń" czy "Zgłoś spam".

Sieci społeczne - Digsby to narzędzie sieci społecznych, informujące o nowych wydarzeniach, takich jak nowe wiadomości lub przekazujące wiadomości na żywo o planach przyjaciół.

Począwszy od wersji 38 program zawiera różne paski narzędziowe. Zalecamy ich nie instalować.

Tytuł: Digsby Beta (build 75)
Nazwa pliku: digsby_setup75.exe
Rozmiar: 17.85MB (18,715,024 bajtów)
Wymagania: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 10 64-bit
Języki: Wielojęzykowy
Licencja: Freeware
Data dodania: 13 grudnia 2009
Autor: dotSyntax
Strona domowa: www.digsby.com
Suma kontrolna MD5: C6A789A8F37E724D1BCA24E44EC2ABDB

Major Changes

* Fixed several of the most common crash causing bugs
* Fixed several issues with Twitter that caused Tweets to show in the wrong order on the timeline
* Blocked buddies now show a “blocked” icon where their status icon would normally appear on the buddy list

Bug Fixes

* Fixed a bug that caused the underline for misspelled words to show in the wrong place in some cases
* Fixed a bug that caused links in the LinkedIn newsfeed to not be clickable
* Fixed a bug that caused the input box to be bigger than it should be when using Aero snapping
* Fixed a bug that caused the input box to jump down to the minimum size when dragging to resize it
* Fixed a bug that caused the Twitter infobox to show blank
* Fixed a bug that caused an account to not reconnect when you choose Offline and then Invisible in the status dropdown
* Fixed a bug that caused linkify to fail when there is punctuation before a URL
* Fixed a bug that caused the “save this search” footer to not show in Twitter
* Fixed a bug that caused an image to be locked and undeletable after sending it to pic.im for use in a status message
* Fixed a bug that caused some Facebook newsfeed items to not show all content
* Fixed a bug that caused email sending to fail for some Hotmail accounts
* Fixed a bug that caused the buddy list to shrink to a tiny size when dragging it away from the docked position
* Fixed a bug that caused saved Available messages to show in the wrong place in the status dropdown if there are no saved Away messages
* Fixed a bug that caused some MSN buddies to show as mobile when they were offline
* Fixed a bug that caused the MySpace infobox to show the word “Newsfeed” when it should have showed a date
* Fixed a bug that caused Facebook to get stuck in a connecting state
* Fixed a bug that caused Digsby to crash if the Times New Roman font was missing
* Fixed a bug that caused the Digsby tray icon to keep disappearing even if you set it to always show in Windows 7
* Fixed a bug that caused HTML to show in the IM window when getting IMs from invisible AIM/ICQ buddies or from eBuddy users
* Twitter now detects if the local database of tweets is corrupt and clears it rather than failing to connect
* Fixed a bug linking URLs that included the ”#” character


* When you reply make sure not to pre-fill hash tags more than once
* Clean up Tweets you discarded using the website from the Digsby cache
* Twitter stops checking for updates after your computer is idle for 10 minute so your API rate limits are saved for other apps (ie: mobile app when away from PC)
* Clicking “Refresh Now” when Twitter is in a failed to connect state will try to reconnect
* Clicking Infobox links when the Twitter window is minimized will now restore the window
* Fake groups (ie: when grouping by protocol) no longer have the Rename and Delete options when you right click them
* Don't hashify #1 through #9
* Don't fire an error popup when trying to add someone to your buddy list that is already in the “pending approval” state
* Added RTL support to the Twitter input box
* Don't hashify a hash tag at the end of a URL - linkify the whole URL instead
* MySpaceIM accounts now show the MySpaceIM service icon instead of the MySpace social network icon
* Improvement made to the way “new style” re-tweets are displayed

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