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dBpowerAMP Music Converter  16.1

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# New option to read shell tag items in-process (on by default), is much faster
# CD Ripper
* Able to lookup more discs with Discogs
* Restored Tracktype metadata option
* Repositioned ripping status to not clash with title bar
* Darkened the down button state for toolbar buttons
* Changed internal art preferential selection from providers
* Correct separation detection based on '/' for discogs
* Results page added OK & Eject button
* Tag Editor: font sizes adjusted to better display tags (especially on property page)
* Tag Editor: if do a clear then fills the default standard blank tag fields
* Control Centre - better at indicating codecs need updating, also beta versions are not offered to be replaced until full release
* Conditional Encode added a 'xx or Above / Below' items to effectively allow an equals check on a value, example '44KHz or Below'
* Conditional Encode added new 'If All Conditions Match' option
* mp3 decoder faster at indexing files
* Installer, shows reboot option at end as first item in list (not off screen in scroll list)
* Added escape handler to dsp settings pages, dmc finish page
* Can drag title bar while CD Ripper, etc maximized
# Bug Fixes
* Would display '[artist][album] -' when choosing art in CD Ripper
* Choosing naming as 'Preserve Source Path' would write [origpath] to the output path
* Apple Lossless would report could not verify file if ripping in CD Ripper with the option set to rip to ._ temp files
* Playlist writer works in CD Ripper if option set to rip to ._ tmp files
* Would not correctly remove art from m4a files
* If install to short path location, then Control Centre cannot start music converter
* Replaygain DSP effect, fixed option 'Identify Albums as - All Files in Single Folder'
* Batch Converter was leaving a file open (would stop it be arranged if [Arrange Audio] is used)
* Conditional encode would not create destination folder
* CD ripper was not setting % done in taskbar title
* Info tips in programs, no longer using drop shadow (which could be left behind)
* Adaptive EBU normalize could fade out the last 6 seconds
* Installer would not set default values for mp3 tag creation, folder writing (in CD Ripper)
* Batch converter: could create a profile with invalid name and not save
* ID tag editor would access internet to read id tag suggestions even though the option 'no internet access for dbpoweramp' selected

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