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Avast! Free Antivirus 11.1.2241

Od Avast Software  (Non-Commercial Freeware)
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# NEW: Passwords
- Avast can now manage your passwords and generate strong passwords for you. Just one password to remember.
- checks your passwords security
- stores your passwords securely
- includes browser extensions for easier logging in and form filling
- generates strong passwords
# NEW: SafeZone browser
- Replaced the SafeZone for safer shopping and banking in Pro, Internet Security and Premier
- Pay Mode: It isolates the session and protects it from possible keyloggers or other malicious software secretly lurking on your computer. With Pay Mode you can perform all your financial transactions in peace, without fear of your password or other personal details being stolen. Pay Mode runs automatically on banking site, but it can be also turned on manually.
- Shielded Window: To open there suspicious websites and to ensure full anonymity
- Ad Blocking: includes built in ad blocker extension
- Video downloading for offline viewing
- Easy setup: Automatically imports your bookmarks, history and cookies from your current default browser
# NEW:
- User interface - More space for content, easy control
- Feedback possible directly from program - report bugs, feature requests and other suggestions easier
- Home network security now detects more router vulnerabilites and shows more details
- Installation - it should be now faster and less obtrusive.
- WebShield HTTPS Scanning: We introduced a new method of HTTPs scanning. It is used in Firefox, Chrome and Opera. It works without changing the certificates and the security parameters and certificates are verified by the browser itself, including checks for untrusted or revoked certificates.
# Many other minor tweaks and bug fixes