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# New
* The internal audio scraper now uses MediaInfo extract ID3/TAG information and display it in the media library's bottom information area. You will need to re-scrape your audio files for the new content to appear.
* New Alt+"/" keyboard macro to search for subtitles based on the currently playing video. You can access this function using the right-click context menu under the new "Download" sub-menu.
* New function to download subtitle file(s) for any selected video file. The new function is accessible using the right-click context menu under the new "Download" sub-menu.
* The fullscreen file browsing navigation interface has gained the ability to search for subtitles through the function menu.
# Changed
* The Alba's skin timeline design has been visually enhanced.
* The RSS feed media library plugin displays a system specific publish date and sorts the feed with new entries appearing first.
* To prevent accidental clicks, the eject disc drive keyboard macro has been changed from "/" to Ctrl+"/".
# Fixed
* The trial-ended message in Zoom Player MAX could trigger an eventual crash if left open for a long period.
* Setting "On Play Complete" to "Auto-Rewind" did not work with non-DirectShow playback (playback would loop instead of pausing on the first frame).
* Using the quote (") character in a media library category name would cause the category name to get cropped.
* Opening a ".url" pointing to a web page ignored the "HTML Interactivity" setting.
* Pressing "update" on the "Audio Device Filter Manager" dialog with nothing selected/entered would trigger a crash.
* Execute functions assigned to a Hot Corner click would not save the executed program path correctly for some of the corners.
* Opening an ""YouTube URL always used the IFRAME player even if it was disabled in the options.
* RSS Links containing the "#" hash character were not recognized as valid RSS streams using the new media library RSS plugin.
* Using the YouTube IFRAME player did not update the taskbar button and system-tray icon's hint with the video's title.