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ダウンロードする WindowBlinds 8.01

WindowBlinds 8.01

Stardock  (シェアウェア)





* Adds support for the Windows 8.1 including tweaks to the jump list painting)
* Assorted start menu fixes
* PhotoInstrument, Trine 2, and Dragon Age Origin auto-excluded
* Internet Download Manager's frames should paint happily
* Misc tweaks like misaligned textures on titlebars in some skins on Windows 7
* Fixed Say the Time titlebar
* Fixed Opera 15 black bit on opening
* Fixed display fusion issue with blank taskbar
* Fixed issue with not being able to move Explorer windows on negative screen coordinate monitors on Windows 8
* Fixed issue with some skins showing a small white bar under a transparent taskbar when maximized
* Fixed no text on non perpixel skins
* Fixed no text on MDI child windows
* Fixed the reset button correctly show on UIS0 skins too on Windows 7 for titlebars
* Tweak to start menu code for alterative start menus