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ダウンロードする Vuze


Azureus  (オープンソース)





New Features:

* Core | Option to auto-start Vuze on login on Windows and OSX
* Core | Option to close Vuze when downloads/seeding complete
* Core | Sources details view and tracking enhancements
* Core | Option to automatically set upload slots and connections limits based on measured line speed
* Core | Added support for fast-allowed pieces
* Core | Extract downloaded values if returned by tracker
* Plug | Added auto-authorisation default to pairing enabled web plugins
* Core | Windows - added JVM max/min memory configuration to the options
* Core | Added support for webseeds in magnet links
* Core | Added support for less-verbose auto-full-update
* Core | Completed the 'pairing' feature
* UI | Added Pairing dialog


* Core | Added local network interfaces to pairing details
* Core | Drop the half-open TCP socket limits for Vista SP2+ and Windows 7
* Core | Modify connection timeouts if sufficient peers available
* Core | Ignore HTTP seeds if we're seeding
* Core | Vary min requests when starting up
* Core | Changed metasearch default to auto=true
* Core | Default save directory for new installs switched from 'Azureus Downloads' to 'Vuze Downloads'
* Core | Auto-enable the 'connections per torrent when seeding' default and set to half the normal number of connections
* Core | When force-closing Vuze delete any outstanding updates to prevent them being applied
* Plug | Make WebPlugin configuration parameters amendable without requiring a Vuze restart
* UI | Added arrows to swarm view and differentiate unchokes/fast requests
* UI | Moved slideys that were System Notifications to statusbar

Corrected bugs:

* Core | Fix remembering of auto-speed settings on restart
* Core | Fix initial storing of search engine rank bias
* Core | Fix LT Peer-Exchange bug
* Core | Remove HTTP seeds when stopping download
* UIvz | Fix list view modes (menu and button display) being grayed out when toolbar is in "No Text" mode
* UI | Remove cached peers from swarm view on data source change
* UI | When upgrading SWT, dialog box now shows correct platform (Cocoa, Carbon)