ダウンロードする VirtualDJ 8.2 build 3573

VirtualDJ 8.2 build 3573

Atomix Productions  (フリーウェア)





- Pioneer DJM-900NXS2 support.
- Denon MC7000 supported.
- Pioneer DJM-S9 supported.
- Improve stream selection when file has multiple audio streams.
- pitchResetSpeed option added.
- fix docking of effects in skins with multiple browsers.
- Fix pad_button_color.
- Small slideshow fix (one image not shown before repeat).
- when forward-spin is enabled, song resumes when normal speed is reached instead of waiting for complete stop.
- group by filter folder no longer shows results marked hidden from search db.
- xdj 1000 browser improvement.
- Rotated video support in decks and slideshow.
- Fix video recording audio sync issue when input samplerate different from record samplerate.
- Fix track edits with track cover.
- Fade from video to image and image to video in slideshow.
- Improve mouse/touch backspins.