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ダウンロードする Trillian


Cerulean Studios  (フリーウェア)





- FIXED [Contact List] Always show medium icon for metacontact children
- FIXED [Contact List] Default theme should be blue, rather than follow windows
- FIXED [Contact List] Icons show red for idle and don't show red for some dnd
- FIXED [Crash] Fix a crash with auto-joining IRC
- FIXED [Game] IRC and other group chats not appearing in renderer
- FIXED [Game] Minecraft crash fixes
- FIXED [Group Chats] Contact status will be determined without resource name if given
- FIXED [Group Chats] Double scrollbar is seen sometimes
- FIXED [Group Chats] If action toolbar is turned off, nicklist will show (since there is no way to access it otherwise)
- FIXED [Group Chats] "Only flash when my name is mentioned in a chat room" should be off by default
- FIXED [Group Chats] Setting autojoin and other settings may not save properly
- FIXED [Group Chats] Show 'save to contacts' right click option for non saved chats
- FIXED [History] Connection history is no longer saving
- FIXED [Mail] Fixes for mail not showing up for some servers
- FIXED [Message Windows] Dragging in a link should show send button
- FIXED [Message Windows] Hitting home on irc does not go to the front of the line, but front of the full message
- FIXED [Message Windows] If action toolbar is turned off, things are not shown correctly
- FIXED [Message Windows] Stop logging spell check errors in diagnostic log
- FIXED [Notifications] Mouse over should show alert buttons
- FIXED [Preferences] Editing of first and last name in account screen
- FIXED [Preferences] Option to show the status icon or hide
- FIXED [Preferences] Show a "Make new folder" option when browsing for folders
- FIXED [Preferences] Show the send button [ Always | After Keyboard or Mouse Input | After Mouse Input | Never ]
- FIXED [Wizard] Do not show the network wizard for domain users who have policies disabled
- FIXED [ASTRA] Group chats can visually dupe outgoing messages in certain situations
- FIXED [HTTP] Connectivity improvements with corporate proxies and injection of self-signed certificates
- FIXED [History] Auto-history not showing displaynames correctly
- FIXED [Skype] Use displayname when approving new contacts
- FIXED [Skype] Better support for deleting Messenger contacts
- FIXED [Skype] Better support for message history and Messenger contacts
- FIXED [XMPP] Various crashes with nicklists
- FIXED [XMPP] urn:xmpp:timestamp not parsed correctly in MUC rooms