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ダウンロードする Trillian


Cerulean Studios  (フリーウェア)





FIXED [Ads] Less ads for people who restart Trillian often
FIXED [Alerts] Better game detection code for alert based ads
FIXED [Crash] Fixed a random crash
FIXED [History] Fixed a crash on history window closing while a search is still ongoing
FIXED [IM] Display of Mail Accounts does not follow preferences
FIXED [Message Windows] Better link detection
FIXED [Message Windows] Don't show ads the second you become non idle
FIXED [Message Windows] Don't show an ad too quickly after a systray ad on subsequent days
FIXED [Message Windows] Focus stealing on tab creation for minimize on start setting
FIXED [Message Windows] Hide helper tooltip when typing
FIXED [TWITTER] Task tray notification not clearing
FIXED [IM] Mail notifications popping up regardless of settings
FIXED [MAIL] Random crash with a certain email
FIXED [MSN] MSN Reconnetion loop
FIXED [SKYPE] After disconnecting, trillian menus may become unresponsive
FIXED [XMPP] Improvements to SRV record resolution to reduce connection time
FIXED [XMPP] SASL improvements for broken servers and legacy SSL combination